Video: Rolling Ray and rapper Saucy Santana trade harsh words online


Social media gone crazy after Rolling Ray and rapper Saucy Santana trade harsh words online. “Santana and Rollins Ray” are trending on Twitter after the online battle of both Saucy Santana and Rolling Ray.

Rapper Saucy Santana, who is known for his music, hilarious tweets, and being the unofficial third member of the “City Girls,” had time today to respond to a fan’s question. One fan asked Santana if he and Roling Ray were brothers, and the response didn’t sit well with Ray.

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock, Rolling Ray went viral after his appearance on “Catfish” and once again on “Divorce Court” in 2019. His interaction with Judge Lynn Toler was hilarious, and everyone on social media gravitated to his big personality. Not only that, but his witty catchphrase, “Purr,” has been added to a lot of people’s vocabulary.

Santana responded to the fan on Twitter, saying, “B***h don’t get blocked. Deada**.” Ray wasted no time and quickly responded, saying, “You ain’t even have to acknowledge the fan you big body Rick Ross baby c**t looking b***h.”

The back and forth continued when Santana responded, “And you ain’t have to acknowledge me! You coulda kept scrolling or kept ROLLIN! Idk why you keep tryna get into with me on the internet. It’s never gon happen. We not the same. AT ALL. Purrrrrr.”

Santana kept on Twitting, “ME > THEM. When I click y’all b*tches page… It says follow back. When I check my messages… y’all b*tches be sitting in the message request. TF out my mentions. He left one final tweet before blocking Ray on Twitter, saying,  “A b***h so happy I responded to them after years of them talking s**t about me. Happy birthday and GOODNIGHT!”

Ray seemingly got the last word when he uploaded a screenshot of him being blocked with the caption, “The girl got TF ASAP! She knewwwww… #BIGDC.”

After the Twitter battle, Rolling Ray came before camera and responded to Saucy Santana. Watch the video, below.

Video: Rolling Ray claps back at Saucy Santana

Twitter responded to Rolling Ray and Santana’s online battle with funny memes and trolling comments. Watch some reactions, below.