Video: Spanish Andrea Fuentes saves the life of Anita Alvarez from drowning at the 19th FINA World Championship


Video: Spanish coach Andrea Fuentes saves the life of Anita Alvarez from drowning at the 19th FINA World Championship. American Anita Álvarez lost consciousness in her solo test in Budapest and sank in the pool. Her trainer jumped on her for her and saved her.

Image from Video of Spanish Andrea Fuentes saves the life of Anita Alvarez from drowning at the 19th FINA World Championship

The 19th FINA World Swimming Championships, taking place in Budapest, have shown dramatic scenes in a sport like synchronized swimming, which is always so close to beauty. But what has been seen in the pool has left all those present impressed, who did not expect the performance of the synchronized swimming team from the United States to have an unexpected dramatic development.

Anita Alvarez, an American swimmer of Mexican origins, was competing in the solo final when she collapsed and began to sink in the pool. It was then that her Spanish coach Andrea Fuentes jumped into the water to save her life and bring her to the surface. She was only underwater for about ten seconds, but the images were as shocking as they were moving because of the role of the Spanish coach, who didn’t hesitate for a second to dive for her as soon as she saw what was happening.

Watch the video of Andrea Fuentes saving Anita Alvarez from drowning in the pool.

Video of Andrea Fuentes saving Anita Alvarez from drowning

The half-minute-long video shows Andrea Fuentes reaching into the pool to help the American swimmer has already become one of the photos of the year. Afterward, another coach jumped in to help pull her out of the pool.

This photo shows the moment Anita Alvarez lost consciousness in the pool and Andrea Fuentes reaches her in order to pull her out
Andrea Fuentes pulls Anita Alvarez at surface Meanwhile another male swimmer reaches them to help them while Anita Alvarez is still unconscious
Medical team gives first Aid to Anita Alvarez after she is rescued out of the pool

Andrea Fuentes, who was born in Tarragona and has been a U.S. coach since 2018 immediately realized the danger Anita was in and jumped into the water to avoid a misfortune. The pool is almost the second home of the new coach. When she was competing she won four Olympic medals: two silver medals in Beijing in 2008 and a silver and a bronze in London in 2012.

She has always been a fighter, ever since she was born, as she tells in her biography: “I was born on April 7, 1983, with three turns of umbilical cord around my neck. I think that’s when I started freediving and you could say that was my first contact with the ‘synchro’,” she says.

The faces of the public and the U.S. team were of maximum tension and fear because they did not know what was happening to their teammate. Synchronized swimming events require maximum attention and stress and that may have influenced the fainting that has had the competitor. In addition, the heat has also influenced her fainting.

Audience watches in tension while Medical team tries to bring Anita Alvarez back to consciousness

But after the tense moments, everything has returned to normal when it was learned that Anita Alvarez has recovered without complications from what had happened to her.

The event ended without Anita Alvarez. The gold went to Japan’s Yukiko Inui (95.3667), the silver went to Ukraine’s Marta Fiedina (93.8000) and the bronze was won by Greece’s Evangelia Platanioti (91.7667).

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