Video: TikTokers Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman get into street fight after Arguments during IG Live

  • TikTokers, Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman, got into heated steet fight, last night
  • Both TikTok stars with millions of social media fans are known as best friends
  • Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman exchanged heated words during Instagram live stream, just before their street fight.
  • Video of Alex Guzman and Carlos Mena’s Street fight, went viral on social
TikTokers Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman get into street fight after Arguments during IG Live
Instagram: @carlosmena, @wtfblesiv

Fans of TikTokers, Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman, saddened after a video of two, fighting in a sreet, emerged on social media. The video shows both TikTokers exchanging harsh words just before hurling at each other. Watch the video, below.

Just before engaging into street fight, both friends were live on Instagram with a quite normal mood. But during their Instagram live stream, arguments began. Their pre-fight Instagram live video shows how the argument started.

“You live 20 minutes away from me!” Carlos Mena can be heard taunting, as though threatening to show up to Guzman’s spot.

“Alright!” Guzman replied. “Pull up then, b***h!”

“Do it! Do it! You swearing — want me to say it to your face?” Mena continued.

“Come right now!” Guzman challenged.

“Alright p***y, f**k it. You want some shit?” Mena answered before ending the live video feed. Watch the video of their live stream, below.

Video of the Instagram live between Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman

Their argument turned physical shortly thereafter, as a video quickly spread across social media that showed the two stars throwing down in the middle of the street.

“I’m right here! Touch me boy, I dare you!” Guzman can be heard saying before being shoved by Mena. The two engage in a short scuffle before the footage cuts off.

According to further details of two, Carlos Mena and Alex Guzman are normally hailed as best friends, both being top-tier influencers with millions of followers on multiple social media platforms.

However, it seems the two have cut ties recently, as told by a heated argument they got into during an Instagram Live stream on January 6 (although the reason for their argument is unknown).

Carlos Mena, a Social media star who has over 600,000 followers on his Instagram account, where he posts a range of pictures from his daily life as well as updates on events such as meet and greets. 

Meanwhile, Alex Guzman, also a Social media star who became best known for posting vlogs, challenges and a range of comedic content to his Blesiv YouTube channel, which has over 1.2 million subscribers. 

He earned over 6 million followers on TikTok by posting lip syncs to pop, hip-hop and R&B songs.