UN Car video became viral on social media

On June 24, 2020, social media shocked after a video known as ‘UN car viral video‘ or also known as ‘UN Car s*x act in Israel‘, became viral on social media. The video footage of what is being described as a ‘s*x act‘ in an official United Nations car in Tel Aviv has been making the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube since a week. Watch the video, below.

Video: UN car viral video (UN car s*x act in Israel)

The viral video shows a woman, wearing red dress, riding in the lap of a man on the back seat of United Nations’ official Car. The white car has official Marking of the UN on its top and the sides.

In the front seats are a driver and another man slumped in the passenger-side seat, the BBC reported.


According to further details, “UN Car Sex act in Israel Video” was filmed in a car that belongs to the United Nations peacekeeping organization delegation, UN Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) often used in Israel and the Palestinian areas. Furthermore, UN car viral video was filmed from the building beside the signal where car stopped for 18 seconds.

18 seconds duration ‘UN car viral video‘ sparked an outrage on social media and people are criticising the organisation after this incident.

UN spokesperson Dujarric on UN CAR VIRAL VIDEO:

The UN spokesperson, Mr Dujarric, said on Friday that the video had shocked and deeply disturbed him. He further added that the individuals in the “UN car viral video” will be identified soon and an action will be taken against them as soon as possible by the Office of Internal Oversight”.

That kind of behaviour “goes against everything we stand for and having been working to achieve in terms of fighting misconduct by UN staff”, Mr Dujarric told the BBC on Friday.

When asked if the apparent sex act was consensual or involved payment, Mr Dujarric said those questions were part of the ongoing investigation.


The UN has strict policies against sexual misconduct by its staff members.

Staff may be disciplined if they are found to be in breach of conduct rules. They may be repatriated or banned from UN peacekeeping operations, but it is the responsibility of their home nation to take further disciplinary or legal action.

The UN has long been under scrutiny over allegations of sexual misconduct by its peacekeepers and other staff. There have been frequent allegations in recent years.


Secretary General Guterres has pledged to take a “zero-tolerance” approach to sexual misconduct with the UN’s ranks.


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