Bill Gates and Coronavirus Outbreak – Conspiracy Theories

Bill Gates wants to test COVID-19's potential Vaccine in Africa
Bill Gates wants to test Vaccine in Africa.

Bill Gates is confident a potential coronavirus vaccine will work in Africa, but Twitter does not think so. “NO why not test it in one of USA states which have not recorded high number of affected people, African people responding with outrage.”

According to Business Insider, Bill Gates is plugging money into building factories for seven promising coronavirus vaccine candidates, even though it will mean wasting billions of dollars.

On Thursday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” the Microsoft billionaire told the host Trevor Noah that his philanthropic organization, the Gates Foundation, could mobilize faster than governments to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

“Because our foundation has such deep expertise in infectious diseases, we’ve thought about the epidemic, we did fund some things to be more prepared, like a vaccine effort,” Gates said. “Our early money can accelerate things.”
Business Insider.

Outrage Sparked on social media after a conspiracy theory begun claiming that Bill Gates wants to test COVID-19 vaccine in Africa.


An overwhelming number of the accounts that tweeted his name claimed Africa should not accept a vaccination for COVID-19 from Bill Gates, even though no vaccination is currently available. Tracing the content of the tweets revealed a video message claiming to be from multiple French doctors proposed the idea of testing a potential coronavirus vaccine in Africa. Their comments sparked outrage online, with many calling them racist. The video message spread from Facebook to Twitter, making its way from France to the U.S. to South Africa.

Africa is not a testing lab for Coronavirus vaccine tests
Image From Twitter.

Gates has been the target of multiple conspiracy theories about the spread of the new coronavirus. One of the first theories, started by QAnon supporter Jordan Sather, claimed the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave funding to an institute that patented a coronavirus vaccination, thus somehow implying Gates started the virus so he could sell vaccinations.

The theory was debunked after it was proven the funding in question had gone to avian coronavirus research, not COVID-19. Nonetheless, its online spread demonstrates how disinformation can quickly travel across languages, countries and internet platforms.

Conspiracy Theories About Bill Gates involvement in Coronavirus Outbreak.

On March 27, 2020, a Facebook post written in French warned Africans not to take a vaccination created by Bill Gates. The warning was attributed to a French doctor named Didier Raoult, who according to the post, claimed that the vaccination was created by the West to destroy Africa.

Raoult, a French physician and microbiologist specializing in infectious diseases, made a name for himself after claiming that the anti-malarial drug chloroquine was a cure for COVID-19 — an idea repeatedly endorsed by U.S. President Donald Trump.

Raoult’s drug trials have been criticized by the scientific community, yet he has significant support around the world: a Facebook groups entitled “Didier Raoult Vs Coronavirus” has nearly 400,000 members, with many saying the doctor deserves a Nobel Prize.

Bill Gates Prediction About pandemic similar to Coronavirus outbreak.

During the past month, a video of Bill Gates from 2017’s world Economic forum became viral on social media. The viral video shows Bill Gates predicting about a feature Pandemic which could kill millions of human beings.
Video: When Bill Gates Predicted about Coronavirus and Bioterrorism.

Bill Gates predicts years ago that “bioterrorism” could be the next threat we face. Yet, it’s a “conspiracy theory” to think this one ‘The Coronavirus‘ wasn’t natural? Even in Europe and America, people have raised questions.

Watch: The Video of Suspicious People Spreading Coronavirus in China.

Bill Gates repeatedly talked about the virus and Bioterrorism similar to Coronavirus which will cause millions of human deaths.

In 2017, Bill Gates at Davos World Economic Forum suggested that a pandemic naturally or intentionally caused is the most likely thing to cause a large number of human deaths.

In 2018, Bill Gates suggested that a global pandemic could kill upwards of 30 million people. He suggested that bioterrorism could be used.

Also in 2018 a patent was granted titled “Coronavirus” to the Pirbright Institute for an apparent vaccine.