Woman walks naked on the road in Rawalpindi
Image: Screenshot from viral video (The image was made blurred in order to hide the sensitive parts of the image)

Rawalpindi, on July 19, at 1730 hours, a woman spotted walking around naked, on the street in a broad daylight near Qasim market, Rawalpindi.

Video: Woman walks Undressed on a road in Rawalpindi

A video emerged on social media which shows a woman walking naked on the road in Rawalpindi. The video was captured by some citizen passing by her.

According to details, on July 19, 2020, an unknown girl removed her clothes infront of Special Commissions organisation’s (SCO) gate and moved towards Qasim Market where she sat in unknown vehicle and moved towards Peer Wadahi More side via Peshawar road.

On contacting with district Police of Qasim market of PS Race Course Rawalpindi said that this incident has not come into their notice. However, her video and pictures are getting viral on social media and the internet.

The short video clip was shared on social media by many people with several criticising captions. Many people shared the video clip on Facebook and Twitter and even on YouTube.

Woman walks undressed on the road in Rawalpindi
Image: Screenshot of viral video shared on YouTube

The viral video of the woman further shows her wearing joggers as she came out for jogging. However, some sources reported that she was mentally retarded. A report says that the woman was allegedly drunk and was not in her senses.

The true reason for her action is still unknown. Also,The identity of the alleged woman was not confirmed yet.

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