Young doctor feeds elderly Corona patient in Mayo Hospital Lahore
Image: Screenshot from viral video from Mayo Hospital Lahore

A heart touching CCTV video footage emerged on social media and made people sentimental. The viral CCTV video shows a young doctor in Mayo Hospital, Lahore, feeding an elderly Coronavirus patient in the hospital ward.

Heart touching ❤

Posted by Best Things on Friday, June 19, 2020
Video: Youg doctor Abu Bakar Khan feeds an elderly Coronavirus patient

According to details, a person from the IT department of Mayo Hospital, Lahore, shared a CCTV video footage which shows Doctor Abu Bakar Khan feeding an elderly patient and cleaning his face.

The person who shared the video says he became sentimental after watching the kind attitude of the doctor. According to SOP of Hospitals during Coronavirus epidemic, Relatives as caretakers of the patients are not allowed in Corona wards.

Several young doctors are performing their duties in these wards. However, there are ward-boys for feeding and cleaning the patients.

But Doctor Abu Bakar Khan was spotted caring an elderly patient by his own hands. The video became viral on social media and people responded with sentiments over the video.


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