In her latest TikTok video, TikTok star Zoe Laverne addresses all her controversies, including grooming allegations. Zoe Laverne is facing criticism since last three weeks due to allegations of grooming a 1313-year-old fan Conor Joyce.

Video: Zoe Laverne addresses her and Conor Joyce controversy

Zoe (19) says she did not groom the 13-year-old fan but she only kissed with kindness, then tells viewers to look up definition of grooming.

Earlier last month, a video of Zoe Laverne and Connor Joyce surfaced on social media after which people are criticising her and many are even demanding her arrest.


Zoe Laverne and Connor Joyce since became separate. However, Zoe was spotted in the comments section of Conor Joyce’s TikTok videos.

Zoe Laverne comments under Conor Joyce video on TikTok

Beside this, Zoe Laverne has already admitted to have some kind of relationship with Conor Joyce and she has apologised for that. Watch the video of her confession and apology, below.


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