Vikram Lander Found on Lunar Surface but no connection was established yet. India’s Space research organization (ISRO) Cheif K. Sivan told India Tv. K Sivan said on the evening of 8 September 2019 “we found Chandrayaan 2’s lander Vikram on the surface of the moon but communication with the lander was not established yet”. He also added “we are analysing data and trying to make contact with it. There is still a hope that Vikram Lander will be able to charge its batteries using its solar panels. But as time passes, the hopes are getting fade.

ISRO also released a thermal image of dead Vikram Lander taken by Orbiter Chandrayaan 2 which is orbiting around the moon.

Vikram Lander Found on Lunar Surface but no connection was established yet.
Image released by ISRO on evening of 8 September 2019.

ISRO Cheif claimed that “from a thermal image taken by Orbiter, it seems that Lander is still intact. Pinky Ranpurohit (ABP news) broke the news yesterday evening. She claimed that ISRO sources confirmed her that “Lander Found 500 miles away from Actual spot. Seen from OHRC (Optical High-Resolution Camera) image and it is intact. Trying to send commands from Bangalore control centre”.

NDTV has also confirmed the news of spotting the Lander on afternoon of September 8.

Video credit: NDTV India.

The Vikram Lander is a part of Chandrayaan-2 Lunar mission of India. It was launched to space on July 22 with a budget of $136 million by heavy-lift rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle-Mark III (GSLV Mk III). It contained three crafts the Orbiter (eight payloads), ‘Vikram’ (four payloads) and ‘Pragyan’ (two payloads).

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The Vikram lander with Pragyan rover on-board, separated from Orbiter Chandrayaan-2 on September 2 and was expected to make a soft landing on the moon on September 7. But something went wrong and ISRO lost connection with the lander just before when it was 2.1 kilometres away from the surface of the moon. After the successful 48 days of travel towards the moon, India’s hopes to become a 4th space nation dashed away.

However, India lost only 15 per cent of its complete mission. As lander has been spotted by the Orbiter, appears intact, the question will be ” what damage the lander has acquired and is it still possible to communicate with it?.

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