Viral Crazy plane lady video – Tiffany Gomas Tells Inside Edition About Meltdown on Flight

    The viral ‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Tiffany Gomas Tells Inside Edition About Meltdown on Flight.

    Tiffany Gomas was dubbed “crazy plane lady” after an epic plane meltdown seen around the world.

    Now, she’s opening up about her freak-out on the plane. In the video, Gomas stormed to the front of the plane just moments before takeoff. The incident happened onboard an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando, Florida.

    The viral Crazy plane lady Tiffany Gomas
    Tiffany Gomas was caught on camera freaking out over a passenger she bizarrely claimed was “not real” (@EdKrassen/X)

    “You know, the reason I probably haven’t come out yet, ’cause it’s like so cringe – I did not see anything,” Tiffany Gomas said

    Despite the worldwide attention, Gomas says she’s focusing on her marketing and real estate ventures. Inside Edition’s Steven Fabian has more. 

    Speaking on Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take podcast, Tiffany said the reason behind her outburst was an “altercation” with a fellow passenger that “spiraled out of control.”

    “You know, the reason I probably haven’t come out yet, ’cause it’s like so cringe – I did not see anything,” she told podcast co-hosts “Big Cat” & “PFT Commenter.”

    “So I got in a bit of an altercation. It spiraled out of control. It was not my best moment. I mean, it was actually a horrible moment. It’s absolutely mortifying,” she added.

    Tiffany said “450 million-plus people have seen it,” referring to the video of her meltdown. “Thank God people, like, don’t think it’s me, though. I’m cool – I’m cool with that. I’m happy they don’t think it’s me,” she added.

    Big Cat went on to question her on why she said a person on the plane was “not real.” He said, “So, what you’re saying is that clip we all saw, ‘that motherf—– is not real’ is not, like, you thinking that someone is an alien, it was just the tail-end of an argument?”

    “It was an expression of speech,” Tiffany answered.

    “So, it was just like, you had an argument with some guy on the plane and then as you’re leaving, you’re like, ‘That motherf—– is not real,” Big Cat asked, to which Tiffany replied, “Yeah.”

    Tiffany, however, appeared hesitant to answer a question about the argument between her and the “guy” that prompted her outburst. The only other statement she made on the podcast was, “There was really bad energy and I don’t want to get into all the details of that. It’s just, as you know, it’s ongoing.”

    Tiffany Gomas’ meltdown

    Earlier reports claimed themeltdown happened following an argument over wireless headphones. Tiffany was forced to leave the plane after the incident, which led to hours of delay for other passengers.

    “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f–k off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f–k off and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it,” Tiffany yelled in the video that circulated on social media. “I don’t give two f–ks, but I am telling you right now – that motherf–ker back there is NOT real.”

    Despite her apparent fear, however, Tiffany was unwilling to leave the plane, New York Post reported. She had to be removed by staff.Due to the nature of Tiffany’s complaints, the passengers aboard Flight 1009 from Fort Worth to Orlando had to deplane.

    They had to be screened through security as a precaution yet again. “TSA personnel arrived at the scene to conduct a full rescreening of the aircraft,” a July 2 complaint reads.


    Tiffany was taken to the non-secure area of the airport, but she allegedly tried to get back into the boarding area several times, as per the documents. Police tracked her down to the terminal curb and found her waiting for an Uber. She refused to sign a criminal trespass notice she was handed, and also refused to show her ID to police. She was not formally arrested or taken into custody following the incident.