Few days ago A scandal caught attention. The scandal was related to Chairman NAB Justice Rtd Javed Iqbal in which his some calls and a video became viral on media and social media. In the scandal the other lady was named as Tayyeba Farooq. Tayyeba Farooq claims that Chairman NAB was harassing her when she contacted him regarding a case against Land Mafia.

Although chairman NAB denied the facts presented on media and told that she belongs to a Gang which black mails the government officers and there are already 42 cases of Fraud against this gang. News reports came today that they detected 36 members of this blackmailer Gang so Far.

During the hight of scandal, A photo became viral on social media. Many facebook pages claiming that this is the photo of Tayyeba Farooq, Alleged woman in Chairman NAB Scandal.

People were claiming that this is the photo of Tayyeba Farooq.

But all claims proved false when a Showbiz related twiter account revealed that this is not the photo of Tayyeba Farooq but a showbiz blogger Raheela Khan.

Then Showbiz blogger later on came on twitter and asked to stop spreading false photo of her.

Showbiz blogger Raheela Khan who’s photo was spread on social media as Tayyeba Farooq.

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