Beware of job scams and frauds
This man was arrested by FIA’s cyber crime wing, over the charges of online job scams. Image used for awareness purpose. No copyright or privacy breach was intended.

If You use the social media, you must have come through hundreds of Job Advertisements (Online Job ads and physical Job ads). But do you know dozens of those job ads could be scam or a fraudulent Ad ?

Yes, there are hundreds of scams and frauds on social media. We will explain in a short note, what kind of job ads could be scam or fraud. If You don’t like reading then watch the video, below. Assistant director of federal Investigation agency (FIA) cyber crime wing, Asif Iqbal Chaudhry has explained it very well.

Video: Assistant director Cyber crime wing Explains about Job Scams and frauds on social media.

Note: If you are an English speaker, then watch the video in English at the bottom of the article.


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Job Scams on Social media could be of two types.

  1. Physical Job offer
  2. Online Job offer

A job scam by offering you a physical job could be more dangerous, specially for the females. Scammers can take your money, your personal data and informations and can use your personal information to blackmail you later.

Video: 5 Signs of an online Job scam.


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