Watch All of Posteditlol Twitter videos and Urprnlover Twitter page and its videos

Posteditlol Twitter page and videos go viral online

Posteditlol Twitter videos and urprnlover Twitter videos go viral and people are reacting to the videos posted by Twitter users “Posteditlol and Urprnlover” for not strange reasons. Keep reading because will explain who is Posteditlol and Urprnlover on Twitter and where can you watch the videos of them.

Posteditlol Twitter page and Videos Explained

Display name”Read my bio” and Twitter handle “Posteditlol” is a newly created Twitter page who has posted fee NSFW videos, including the famous Villenare Public video, on his Twitter page.

Posteditlol Twitter profile
Screenshot of Twitter profile

The Twitter account “Posteditlol” was created at the beginning of August and he posted the first NSFW video on August 3, 2021. However, the video gained a lot of attention and it was viewed by 96,000 people since it was uploaded by Posteditlol on Twitter.

He has uploaded almost 9 videos on his Twitter page and gained 9,672 followers within the short period. Twitter has Non-consensual content Policy which allows all videos filmed and shared by the consent of the people shown in the video. That’s why, such kind of Twitter pages are thriving and gain thousands of followers within a short time.


The bio of purported Twitter page says: “Follow me for Daily p*rn.”

You can watch all of Posteditlol Twitter videos here (Warning: NSFW content).

Urprnlover Twitter videos and page Explored

Urprnlover is another Twitter page similar to one explained above. The Twitter display name is “Pain.” However, the page became popular by its Twitter handle “@Urprnlover” and because of the nature of the videos he is uploading to the page.

Urprnlover Twitter page was created in March 2021. However, it has uploaded the first video earlier this month on August 8, 2021. All of the videos, uploaded by Urprnlover, are gaining thousands of views due to their nature (Which is ofcourse NSFW).

The Twitter account “Urprnlover” has 7,612 followers until the production of this article. Urprnlover is associated with similar Twitter accounts such as Yesu_x Twitter page and Spiderleaks Twitter page.

You can watch Urprnlover Twitter videos here. Warning: Viewers discretion is advised.