Watch Civerit Twitter videos – Civerit Twitter Page Explored

Civerit Twitter page goes viral after posting the video of Bree louise, an Instagram model

Civerit Twitter videos and page goes viral for all the wrong reasons and people on TikTok are rushing to find out Twitter page “@Civerit” and videos he posted on his timeline. Keep reading and we will explore Civerit Twitter page and will tell you about Civerit Twitter videos.

On August 17, 2021, a Twitter user Civerit began trending on social media and Google. Several TikTok videos were uploaded, suggesting viewers to go and check about @Civerit on Twitter. And many people rushed to Twitter and watched Civerit Twitter videos as comments under the videos show.

Following the viral TikTok video, on Google only, more than 50,000 searches were conducted within few hours.

Civerit Twitter trends on Google in Australia and the United States

Who is Civerit on Twitter and Civerit Twitter videos Explored

Civerit, with Twitter handle @Civerit, is an anonymous Twitter user which is Uploading NSFW videos with unique and extraordinary subjects on his Twitter page.

Civerit Twitter profile

The purported Twitter page has 33,000 followers and rapidly growing because of the videos he is Uploading.

Most of the videos, uploaded by him, have more than hundred thousand views. One of the video shows an Instagram model, Bree Louise eating cucumber along with another girl. The video of Bree Louise was filmed in a car and meant to be shared on her Private page on a subscription based platform.

Watch the video of Bree Louise here.

You can watch all of Civerit Twitter videos here. Warning: NSFW content.