Watch Cleaksof Twitter Videos – Cleaksof Twitter page Explored

Cleaksof Twitter videos go viral on TikTok

Cleaksof Twitter account is currently trending on Google for all the NSFW reasons and people are interested to know more about Cleaksof Twitter videos without going to Twitter. We will explore the “Cleaksof Twitter page” and the videos, Twitter user is sharing on his page.


Who is Cleaksof on Twitter

Display name “C Leaks” and the Twitter handle “@Cleaksof” is an anonymous person which is becoming popular on TikTok because of his Cleaksof Twitter page and the videos he shares on Twitter.

Screenshot of Cleaksof Twitter profile

Cleaksof has joined Twitter in March 2021 and he has 42,000 followers until now. The reason behind such popularity is the video content he is sharing on Twitter. All of Cleaksof Twitter videos are NSFW by the nature and not suitable for some people.


He had an alternative Twitter account (Now suspended) with the name “Cleaksofpics” where he was sharing NSFW pictures of models and social media celebrities. Comments on Twitter posts, by Cleaksofpics, show people naming the celebrities and asking for their private pictures.

However, Cleaksofpics Twitter account has been suspended for violating Twitter’s content polices as sharing someone’s private content without the person’s consent is not allowed on Twitter.


You can watch Cleaksof Twitter videos by going to his page from here.

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