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A Twitter user “Hammerhead_b” Shared a video of a hammer in his hand and people are curious to watch Hammerhead_b Twitter video as he promised in a TikTok video from his TikTok page Bmagras.

According to details, on August 22, 2021, a Twitter user “Hammerhead B” begun trending online after he made promise of his private video in a TikTok. People were hunting for “Hammerhead_b Twitter page” in order to watch his Twitter video which he hasn’t uploaded yet.

Who is Hammerhead_b on Twitter

Brandon (according to his TikTok profile) is a 24-year-old random person who has TikTok page with TikTok ID @Bmagras. He has 2,022 followers on TikTok. He has uploaded nine videos on TikTok and in all of the videos he is exposing his hammer. In one of TikTok video, Brandon promised his followers to make a Twitter account and share a very private video of himself on Twitter.


Later on in his latest TikTok video, he shared the username of his Twitter account which is Hammerhead_b.

Hammerhead B Twitter profile

On Hammerhead_b Twitter page, Brandon shared the picture of a hammer in his hand and wrote in the caption: “Welcome to my Twitter as promised here’s the opening pic.”

In another tweet, Hammerhead B wrote: “I’m selling a s3lf pleasure grinding vid dm for details”

“I can’t give teasers especially when there’s no price listed and you’re still curious if it’s worth it😂,” he added.


Hammerhead_b hasn’t uploaded the video on his Twitter page and people are reacting to him and insisting for the teaser of the purportedvideo.

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