• Twitter user “letmiklive” is currently trending online and people are curious to know about “Letmiklive Twitter account
  • Letmiklive Twitter account is owned by an Australian model Mikaela Testa who has more than one million followers on TikTok, her earlier success source
  • Mikaela Testa is an Instagram model, TikTok star and content creator who sells her video and pictures on X-rated platforms such as Onlyfans and Patreon
Australian model Mikaela Testa trends on Twitter after sharing sloppy pictures online

If you were browsing social media recently, you may have seen “letmiklive Twitter” trending and searched by thousands. But if you are not aware of why “letmiklive Twitter” is trending online then we are here to tell you why is this trending and who is “letmiklive” on Twitter.

Letmiklive Twitter account is being searched most in Australia with over 50 thousand searches during 24 hours

On January 11, 2022, the Australian internet was flooded by the people searching for a Twitter account “Letmiklive” while many others have seen people talking about the Twitter user on social media platforms. In just a few hours, more than fifty thousand people in Australia searched for “Letmiklive Twitter” while many of them are wondering “who the Twitter user is” and why she trends on social media.

Moving towards Twitter and looking at Twitter handle @letmiklive, we can confirm that this Twitter account is owned by popular Australian TikToker/Instagram model “Mikaela Testa” who was being controversial during the past.

She created her Twitter account in January 2019 and currently has 174,000 followers. She has shared her racy photos to her Twitter timeline which went viral and pushed her to the top of the trending page.

In one of her photos, Mikaela Testa can be seen sitting in a bathtub. In another photo shared on Twitter by herself, Mikaela can be seen covered in the cream, hmmm, you would have understood what I mean by that.

All of the photos, she shared on her Twitter timeline, were taken from her Onlyfans page and it seems that she is promoting her Onlyfans by sharing her racy pictures.

In the caption of her latest picture, shared on Twitter, Mikaela Testa wrote: “this is the last free milky pic I’ll be giving you guys 🥲 soak it up whilst you can…you know where to find me if you ever want more 😛,” added with a link to her Onlyfans page.

You can watch all of her photos on “letmiklive Twitter page” by going through this link.

Mikaela Testa trends after sharing another video to her Instagram story

As we mentioned above, Mikaela Testa is an Australian social media model, TikTok star, and content creator. She hails from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

She has 1.1 million followers on TikTok and 36.6 million likes as of now. Her TikTok account ID is @mikaelatesta. Watch her latest TikTok video, below.

In her latest video which was posted on December 28, 2021, Mikaela Testa responded to the people which were criticizing her for not being Natural and getting plastic surgeries to shape her body.

She has an Instagram account as well and is being followed by 21,000 people on Instagram.

She put her Instagram to “private” after receiving negative comments from people. However, to gain access to her Instagram content, you have to follow her and get approved by her. You can access Mikaela Testa’s Instagram account by this link.

Now let’s see why she trends online.

Mikaela Testa was dragged into backlash several times during the past and now once again she did something which has dawn the criticism.

Mikaela Testa made headlines in 2019 for crying about Instagram removing likes and last year saw one of her TikTok videos banned because her dress was deemed too racy by the social media app.

Mikaela Testa Posted a Sloppy video to her Instagram story as a promotion for her Onlyfans

In June, 2021, Mikaela posted a sloppy video to her Instagram story showing things about to, ahem, go down between her and boyfriend Atis Paul.

While the video doesn’t show any explicit sexual content it was pretty obvious to viewers what was happening — and it also included a swipe-up link to Mikaela’s OnlyFans account. She posted the purported video in order to promote her Onlyfans page.

Mikaela Testa Posted a Sloppy video to her Instagram story as a promotion for her Onlyfans
A video posted to Mikaela Testa’s Instagram story has caused controversy. Picture: Instagram/Mikaela Testa
Mikaela Testa Instagram story video recieved massive backlash by her young fans and criticism from her boyfriend's sister
The video started innocently enough Before showing the couple kissing and about to engage in a private act. Picture: Instagram/Mikaela Testa

Watch a glimpse of Mikaela Testa’s Instagram story video, below.


#greenscreenvideo @mikaelatesta @atispaul lawd hath merthy 👴🏾👓🤏🏽

♬ sonido original – 🇨🇱🇫🇷15

Despite the video only being posted to Instagram it was picked up by Mikaela’s largely young fanbase and fans of Anna Paul, who is Atis’ sister.

“So did not need to be on Instagram stories, also why was the whole thing so awkward,” one person wrote.

“Clt alt delete memory thnx,” another joked, while one person wrote: “Seriously what’s wrong with them.”

People also criticised the video in the comments of Mikaela’s latest TikTok vlog, saying it was “disgusting” and accusing them of doing “anything for fame”.

Mikaela was receiving criticism for creating an Onlyfans account also and people were demanding her to get a real job.

However Back in February 2021, Mikaela hit back at criticism over her OnlyFans career, which saw her earnings six figures a month last year.

In a TikTok video Mikaela revealed the cutting comment she received from strangers telling her to get a “real” job.

“My job is a real job, I legally have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tax, just because I’m not out laying bricks in the hot sun or like building houses, love that, respect that, but it’s clearly not for me,” she said.

“It is literal real money, therefore it is a real job.”

Mikaela implored those who “spam” her account with comments about her work to “just shut up” and “stop”.

Now in January 2022, Mikaela Testa is once again in the headlines after she posted another sloppy video to her Instagram story.

In order to evade negative comments, Mikaela has put her Instagram account to private mode which mean nobody can see her Instagram stories and posts until he follows her and she approves the “follower’s request.”

But many people, who are not following Mikaela on Instagram, are assuming that she may have uploaded the new video on her Letmiklive Twitter page. But she didn’t.

But some other followers of Mikaela has already downloaded her Instagram video and shared it on Twitter. The video shows Mikaela Testa making funny faces before stepping back to dance.

You can watch the video, below.


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