Watch lockhardcore video – Man cuts off Tip Twitter video explained

  • Lockhardcore video, in which a man Cuts off tip of toy, is currently becoming popular on TikTok and everyone is talking about the things, shown in the video
  • Lockhardcore is a Twitter user with fewer than one thousand followers and just half dozen tweets (Twitter posts)
  • He is simultaneously Uploading insane videos of people and those videos are becoming popular all over social media
  • All of the TikTok users are talking about a man who cuts off tip of the toy and this viral video has been uploaded by Twitter user Lockhardcore.
This image is a Screenshot from Lockhardcore video

Watch Lockhardcore video of a man cutting off the tip of his toy, which is currently going viral on Twitter and TikTok. We will explain about the recently trending Twitter user Lockhardcore and the videos, he has uploaded on his Twitter account including the video of the man cutting off the tip.

Since the fame of the TikTok application, a new trend is emerging every new day. Some trends are entertaining and safe to follow. However, some trends are not okay at all in some senses and some are even harmful.

Recently, a Twitter user “Lockhardcore” has been trending on TikTok for some insane videos he uploaded on Twitter. The videos are insane because most people would regret their decision of watching those videos.

However, due to the popularity of Lockhardcore videos on TikTok, people are rushing to Twitter to watch the videos he uploaded and to know more about him only for the sake of their curiosity.

Lockhardcore Twitter video of the man cutting off the tip, explained

Lockhardcore is a new Twitter user who joined the platform a few days ago (in November 2021. His profile’s display name reads “Restricted Videos.” @Lockhardcore is his Twitter handle (username on Twitter).

Screenshot of Lockhardcore Twitter profile page

On Twitter, he is following 32 people and he has 1,032 followers until the production of this article. He has uploaded four videos on his Twitter page and all of them became popular on Twitter and TikTok as well.

One of the Lockhardcore videos shows a man trying to put a hand over a girl then getting confronted by the brother of that girl. At the start, The video shows three people in a sitting room. A boy can be seen sitting over a table, playing with his mobile phone.

Meanwhile, the other man can be seen pushing the girl (the third person in the room) on a couch. The girl can be heard shouting and screaming and asking him to stop touching her.

The video further shows a fourth person appearing in the room and confronting the man by pushing him away from the girl. The video caption says that the fourth person is the brother of the girl and the man, who tried to put a hand over the girl, was unaware of his presence in the house.

Watch the purported video, below.

The other videos, uploaded by the “Lockhardcore” are not safe to watch (NSFW) because of their nature.

One of those videos shows a man chopping off the tip of his toy with a knife. People after watching the video commented that this man didn’t even scream while cutting off the tip and they believe that the video is a camera trick and not real. However, social media users are still waiting to hear more about this strange man and want to know what happened after he cut off the tip of the toy.

You can watch the video, of the man cutting off his tip, in the link here.

We will update this article as soon as we get some reliable information about this man.

Another video shows a girl getting worms in her valley (you should understand what I mean by that).

Because of the nature of these videos, I Will advise you to not go to the Lockhardcore Twitter page. However, if you are still curious, then you can all of Lockhardcore videos here at this link.