Watch La Materialista leaked Onlyfans videos – La Materialista Onlyfans video went viral

  • La Materialista trends on social media after her Onlyfans videos leaked online
  • Recently, Onlyfans videos of famous Dominican singer, La Materialista have been leaked on the internet. 
  • Reportedly, watching single Onlyfans video costs around $116 on Subscription-based content sharing platform, Onlyfans.
  • This rate is jaw-dropping; however, her fans have been watching her videos after subscribing for her Onlyfans account and making Materialista as one of highest earning content creator on the platform
  • Materialista Onlyfans videos being leaked on social media means: she is losing $116 for each free view on the internet.
Materialista leaked video

Recently, the Onlyfans leaked videos of La Materialista have gone viral on the internet. She has been selling her onlyfans videos at the rate of $116 per video. Ever since Materialista leaked video came out, she has been losing thousands of dollars.

And along with that, her fame is at stake. La Materialista’s fans are outraged. Because they had paid a lot of money for her videos. It has also happened many times in the past. La Materialista is sad and in bad mood.


La Materialista her Only-fans videos and roasting on Twitter 

Born on March 19, 1985, Yameiry Infante Honoret, known in the show business as La Materialista, is a Dominican singer, songwriter, rapper, actress and model. In 2011 she was elected by Luz García’s Noche de Luz programme as a “Summer’s Hot Body”.

In the past, La Materialista was a famous and successful singer. But later in 2020, she abandoned music because she thought that there wasn’t much money in music-field. And more money could be earned through easy ways. As a result, she started selling her onlyfans videos at an expensive rate: charging $116 per video.  

However, when her leaked onlyfans videos went viral, it left her in tears. And she had to face more criticism.

“The Dominican Republic is to blame for La Materialista going to OnlyFans and abandoning music because they don’t know how to consume quality music,”

Mariachi Budda

She replied to this saying that she is just a person who wants to earn money. And has right to choose whatever way she wants.

“I’m just a little girl in a big world Doing What Everybody Wants To Do. A lot of money.” 

Materialista Video, its content, and her Instagram account

La Materialista gained most of the popularity from Instagram where she has 3.8 million followers as of now. Her Instagram account ID is @lamaterialista1.

This is not the first time when La Materialista made headlines for her Onlyfans videos being leaked on mainstream social media. It happened in September 2021 as well when several of her private videos leaked from her Onlyfans page, initially causing her income a little damage but giving her income even more boost later by free publicity.

In her recent leaked Onlyfans videos, La materialista appears playing with herself while filming herself for her fans. While many viewers on Twitter said that onlyfans video should have better quality.Subscribers have paid a lot of money for the videos. But they didn’t get quality content.

Someone tweeted,

“They inform me that the materialist was losing subscribers on onlyfans and to call new subscribers she is released, I say a very badly acted video was leaked but what can we do. Today she is a trend in the DR.”

Another viewer said,

Pro consumer should close the onlyfans of the #Materialista, it’s not fair that I have paid so many to see even if it’s a bembe and still nothing… it’s a scam

Now the question is that where can you watch Materialista Onlyfans leaked videos:

Well we have seen the videos on Twitter as they were shared by many Twitter users. Although we advise you to not go for them because they may inappropriate for many viewers. However, if you are willing to watch then we can give you the link to Materialista Onlyfans video shared on Twitter. Watch Materialista leaked Onlyfans videos here and here.

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