Mixedicy Twitter video goes viral for being too funny to be NSFW

Mixedicy Twitter video goes viral on TikTok for being funny to be NSFW. People are scratching their heads after watching Mixedicy Twitter video and want to know more about the purported Twitter user who shared the video.

For many social media users, TikTok is becoming a major platform to promote Twitter and Instagram accounts for free. The trick most of people using these days is that they post something extraordinary most probably a video) on one of their social media account. Then they start talking about the purported video in a small TikTok video.

Because of the numbers of users and algorithms which provide more engagement for TikTok videos, people after watching the TikTok video, rushes to that person’s social media page in order to watch the video he posted earlier. In this way, the person get more followers and the viewers to his video which he had posted on Twitter, or Instagram or even on Facebook.

Mixedicy Twitter profile
Screenshot of Mixedicy Twitter page

On August 20, 2021, a Twitter user “Mixedicy” gone viral on TikTok after he uploaded a funny but NSFW video on his Twitter page. The person, who later got banned from TikTok for talking about his NSFW type of Twitter video, gained enough attention to make his Twitter page grow and to get thousands of views on the purported video.


Although, @Mixedicy has only 442 followers on Twitter. But one of the videos he shared on Twitter has over 50K views so far.

Mixedicy Twitter video shows a black lady and an old man engaging in some private matter. However, during their workout, the lady does something funny which made people laugh out loud.

The Video has gained over 54 thousand views so far on Mixedicy Twitter page. But the same video has been shared by another Twitter user “Cleaksof” where it has more than 124,600 views so far.


You can watch Mixedicy Twitter video here. Warning: NSFW content which may not suitable for some people.

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