Ways to Find Out Who Called Me From This Phone Number in the US

    Over five billion people are using smartphones worldwide, so strange calls are to be expected. However, “expected” does not translate to “appreciated,” especially when those strange calls are coming too often for your liking. Sometimes, the strange call is a mistake; at other times, someone is intentionally trying to waste your time or dupe you. The best way to be sure is to find out who is calling you, and luckily, there are several ways to do that.

    Thanks to technology, you no longer have to stay wondering about who the person is that just called you. From dialing special codes on your phone to using third-party phone lookup apps, there are many ways to identify a strange caller. In this article, we have rounded up some of the best ways to find out who called you from an unknown number.

    Why You Should Find Out Who Called You from a Strange Number

    More often than not, strange numbers belong to spammers, robocalls, scammers, or cyber criminals. However, there are times when they are legitimate – like an estranged relative trying to reconnect with you, but with a different number. As such, you need to know who is calling to make an informed decision.

    On the other hand, picking up a strange call is not the best option, especially when they turn out to be a scammer. By picking up the call, you tell the scammers that your number is active, and they will continue calling unless you block them. If you find out that a strange number calling you is a scam, ensure you report them to the FTC.


    Simple Ways to Get the Answer to “Who Called Me” in the US

    Dial *69

    We are putting this tip first because it does not require you to log in to any browser. Right there on your phone, you just need to open your phone’s call app and dial *69 to trace the unknown number. This trick is not new, but it is also not out of use; it is still as effective as ever. Dialing *69 when you get a call and there is no caller ID, can help you identify who is calling you.

    If you missed the call or the person hung up before you picked up, you can still use the code. Once the call drops, dial the code, and you will be connected to the number that just called you. The code helps when the caller ID is hidden and when there’s an ID but you don’t know who. It is not as effective as if you get the answer to “find out who called me” with a third-party service like WhoCallMe, but it also works.

    Once you dial the code, you will get a list of numbers with an option to dial it by pressing “1.” However, note that this service ultimately depends on your phone service provider. For instance, while some list the numbers first, others will automatically attempt a connection.

    Dial *57

    Another way to find out who called you from this number is by dialing *57. This code helps you track an unknown caller ID number by calling the number that just called you. If you routinely receive harassing or prank calls, you might appreciate this option a little more. When you dial *57, your phone company will track the last number that called you, providing all relevant metadata.

    This archive of information is one way by which authorities get the records they need for legal cases. The only catch is that you must record the date and time you dialed the code.

    Use a Third-Party Phone Lookup Service

    These two methods may not always work or get you the information you need about an unknown caller. If you have tried them and they did not work, try a third-party phone lookup service like WhoCallMe. You can find a wide range of information about an unknown caller by looking up an area code from the Phone Number Directory on the website – and all for free. This includes the contact’s name, social media accounts, addresses, background information like their marital or criminal records.

    WhoCallMe, for instance, has a vast database with billions of records from different but credible sources. The sources include social media and government records; these are accessible information about individuals, so they’re not illegal. Also, you don’t need to provide your information; you only need the digits of the phone number that called you.

    However, your search may not find much information about the contact. Little to no information about a contact usually means it is a spam or spoofed call – a scam. There are different phone lookup services; very few offer free services, including WhoCallMe. WhoCallMe is one of the best because it gives you free access to billions of public records, among other things.

    Google the Number

    Very few people know this, but you can search a number on Google to find out who owns it. Googling a number is a free and easy way to find out who called you from an unknown number. There is a good chance that the number owner has their information on Google. If a caller has any information linked to that number, Googling the number will bring it out. 

    Furthermore, many online lists keep track of various previously reported scam numbers. The number that called you may be among them; if it is, Google will let you know.

    Your Voicemail

    If you don’t know who is calling you, the best option is to let it go to voicemail to be safe. If the call is important, they will leave a voicemail; who knows, maybe a friend was simply trying a new phone. More often than not, calls from unknown numbers are from robocalls trying to spam you or telemarketers trying to sell their wares.

    The challenge, however, is that determining whether the voicemail is legitimate or a scam can be tricky. Be cautious with phone numbers you don’t know, and block them once you discover they are scams.


    You no longer have to rack your brain to figure out who is calling you with an unknown number. There are different ways to find out who called you, some more effective than others. The most efficient method is using a third-party phone number lookup service like WhoCallMe.