Another mass shooting in the United States has left at least seven dead. More than 2 dozens wounded in the mass shooting outside Odessa, Texas. This is the second mass shooting in the state of Texas USA during a month. West Texas Police, later on, killed the gunman bringing the total death toll from the incident to Eight.

West Texas shooting left eight dead

According to details, the violence started on Saturday during a traffic stop outside the Odessa area, west Texas. The gunman was stopped by police because of harsh driving. He then opened fire on responding troopers shooting one of them and then took off. The shooter then highjacked the postal service truck and kept firing at people. Police eventually killed the gunman in a shootout outside a movie theatre. Texas governor Greg Abbot pledged investigation in the wake of the shooting at a press conference on Sunday. Here is what Texas governor to say on Texas shooting.

Law enforcement officials are still investigating and looking for the motive of the shooting. The FBI says they don’t think there is any connection to terrorism. Meanwhile, several local hospitals are treating the victims of the West Texas shooting incident. The youngest confirmed person shot is a 17 months old female baby. The medical staff told that she is in satisfactory condition.

I was just driving a normal day, and I heard gunshots; at least 10 gunshots rapidly. I got one on my door, it went through and hit on my wrist. I can’t get it out yet, it is a piece of metal” One witness at the shooting spot told the media.

Here is the video of Texas shooting incident. One of the people present on the shooting spot captured it and posted on Twitter. in the video, you can see how people and small children are taking cover to stay safe from the mass shooting.

West Texas shooting Video

This is the second mass shooting in West Texas during the last 30 days. On 4 august a Shooter in El Paso, Texas had killed 20 people in a mass shooting at Wall-Mart store.

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