What is Samantha Samsung – Samsung Virtual Assistant Sam Rule 34 (R34)

  • Samantha Samsung, a supposed Samsung’s new virtual assistant shortly known as “Sam” goes viral on social media and people talk about Samsung virtual assistant sam Rule 34
  • Samantha or Sam is a new mascot character created for the brand by a design company owned by Samsung
  • Sam is not an official product by Samsung. However, people believe that it can replace Bixby, a virtual assistant developed by Samsung
  • People are reacting to Samsung virtual assistant Sam and talking about Sam rule 34, edited images of “sam” which are not safe for work (NSFW)

What is Samsung’s New virtual assistant Samantha, Short Name “Sam” and why everyone is talking about Samsung’s virtual assistant Sam Rule 34 (R34)? In this article, we will explain about Samsung virtual assistant Samantha (Sam) and Sam Rule 34.

Video: Samsung virtual assistant sam and rule 34 explained

During the past few days, You may have seen a lot of people madly talking and searching about Samsung’s new virtual assistant (Samsung girl) which is famous by the name of “Sam“. Meanwhile, thousands of people are talking about Samsung’s Sam R34 or Rule 34.

On social media, people are sharing 3D photos of Sam and Some Hentai Artists are transforming NSFW Sketches of Samsung virtual assistant sam and these sketches which are called Sam Rule 34 or Sam R34, going viral all over internet.

I am sure if you tapped into Twitter search bar than you’ve must came across following Keywords in Twitter search suggestions:

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One thing you should understand about Sam (Samsung Girl) is that it is some kind of AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can assist Samsung users through voice and it is in the 3D shape avatar.

See some pictures of Samsung’s virtual assistant Sam, below.

Samsung girl (Samantha or Sam) us a bright-eyed, perky lady who likes jamming to tunes on her Samsung phone, browsing apps, and texting friends. She’s also the new love interest of seemingly the entire internet, which became enamored with her overnight.

Who Created Samantha of Samsung – Creator of Samsung virtual assistant “sam”

A design company named ‘Lightfarm‘ created these images of “Samantha or SAM” with a marketing company owned by Samsung. But the final product wasn’t incorporated into any kind of campaign. Instead, the image was saved On the Lightfarm site for a while Until the company deleted the post. However, image of Sam has been obtained by Twitter users and people began drawing sketches of sam in different poses. See, below.

According to confirmed reports, Sam is not an official product by Samsung. Samsung already has a Siri and Alexa equivalent; their phones come equipped with Bixby. The big difference is that this new assistant, Samantha or SAM, also has a 3D model.

It’s possible that Samantha is taking off because we never actually have to live with her, or see her trotted out for endless viral marketing campaigns.

We will never have to tell Samantha Samsung “Silence, brand,” and she will never pop up with some note from your phone. Or maybe it’s just another case of the internet becoming suddenly obsessed with a female character to the point where it dominates the zeitgeist — it wouldn’t be the first time.

Social media Reacts to Samsung Virtual Assistant “sam”

During the past few days, the internet (Social media usera and Youtube) created a lot of content related to Samsung’s virtual assistant Sam. Much of it is not safe for work (NSFW). For example (Samsung Sam R34); the “rule34” subreddit is absolutely flooded with smutty Samantha content and everyone is talking about Sam Rule 34 which is NSFW by its nature. She’s also taking off on TikTok.

It is a genuinely appealing character model, like a Persona character run through a Pixar design, so it’s not a complete surprise that she’s popular.

See below, how people on Twitter are reacting to Samsung Virtual assistant Sam and what they are posting about Sam Rule 34 (Sam r34).

A Twitter user shared the images of Samsung virtual assistant Samantha and wrote:

“Samsung just made a hot virtual assistant named “Sam”, and in one fell swoop, they captured every weeb and r34 artist.”

Some people are trolling iPhone users. A Twitter user wrote while sharing the photos of “sam”:

“Apple fans have been real quiet since this tweet. Btw this is Sam, Samsung’s virtual assistant 😩.”


“Bruh, there is no reason they had to make Samantha Samsung so bad I’m thinking of buying a Samsung, at this point I think I do need to go to harny jail,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Hi Samantha, hope you’re doing well. There’s this new rule going around the Internet that people have to make interesting fan art of you! Please search “samsung_sam rule34″ to find out more!” wrote another user.

See more reactions, below.

Samsung virtual assistant sam rule 34


Many people are curious to know what is “sam Rule 34 or sam R34” as they are seeing a lot of discussion about “Samantha Samsung rule 34” on social media.

Since the images of Samsung virtual assistant “sam” spread across the social media, many Hentai artists came up transforming explicit images of Samsung girl “sam” and sharing NSFW Sketches, memes and animations. Act Drawing such kind of NSFW sketches of “sam” was named as “Samsung virtual assistant Rule 34 (R34) and all NSFW images and animations, drawn by Hentai artists, called “Samsung virtual assistant sam Rule 34 or r34.”

Looking at the sketches of Samsung virtual assistant sam under rule 34, a Twitter user reacted and wrote:

“I can’t believe people are already crying because there’s porn of Sam (the Samsung’s virtual assistant). We’re in internet and you guys should already be concerned about the rule 34
People are h*rny things and will transform anything into a lewd thing.”


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