What is the new and desired WhatsApp Companion Mode and how does it work

WhatsApp Companion Mode and how does it work

WhatsApp seems to have a new model ready that many users have been asking for several years, although the integration may be disappointing.

In recent weeks, WhatsApp has been showing its cards about what awaits us shortly with the most popular messaging application on the market, and it seems that the changes it will undergo are quite drastic. Also, some of these new features that are coming have been requested for many years.


And, is that WhatsApp is a veteran application and service. This means that users do not forgive the problems that can be generated in the application and, above all, that they hope that the features they are working on will be useful and will not take years to arrive because then they will no longer make sense or Telegram will have them. implemented.

Because Telegram has been following WhatsApp for quite some time and waiting for the application to make a false step to get hold of all its users. Now it seems that it is the right time for it since WhatsApp has a new model in its hands that may not be the one that users expected.

Over the years, the fact that WhatsApp could only be used on a single device has greatly limited the application and the messaging service. What has happened is that, in some cases, people who have two devices or who change a lot for work have to juggle to go between sessions.

The promise that WhatsApp made in those days was to be working in a way that would allow the application to be used on as many mobile phones as desired, but it seems that this has not come to fruition. The last thing that has been known and thanks to WaBetaInfo is that the result of all this would be called Companion Mode and it is quite disappointing.

Companion Mode is one of the WhatsApp sessions that is being used on the main mobile. Thus, the mobile where the Companion Mode is used would become a replica of the original, but not in the simple way that this happens in Telegram where the sessions that are opened can remain open without any problem.

The truth is that it is a step forward by WhatsApp, but have had to create a specific mode so that users can have their accounts available on various devices is strange. We will be watching to see how this situation progresses and to see if it is released as soon as possible.

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