What will Happen If Pakistan Nuke India


What Will Happen If Pakistan Nuke India? This is the question every Indian might thinking right now. Because they are willing to engage in a war with Pakistan ( maybe in a new Bollywood movie). Watch Indian media’s reporting.

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Why Talking About ( If Pakistan Nuke India )

Indian media screaming since Pulwama Terror attack. After blaming Pakistan from the very first Instance, They are trying to boost war sentiments in Indian public as usual. Many say that it is Modi’s Government strategy to gain popularity in upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Because If Modi Talk peace he will not get votes of extremist Hindus which are the majority population in India ( around 70 per cent of Indian population ). Also watch: Who gets Benefits From Pulwama Attack.

Exactly what Indian Politicians ( BJP specifically ) want is happening. Indian public is getting mad and talking about war and revenge. Media’s Influence is strong on their minds. But what if Pakistan nukes India ?. After boosting the sentiments of the public, Indian Media started to get worried on this point. Also watch: Indian Reactions After Pulwama Attack.

Pakistani Reactions on War Hysteria of India.

Pakistanis seem busy these days. Unfortunate for Modi and Indians, that the Pulwama incident happened on the same day when PSL was getting started. So people of Pakistan did not get time to respond to crazy comments of Indian Politicians and Keypad warriors on social media. All the way PSL is a more important and ingesting thing than replying to baseless allegations of the Indian public.

What if India starts a serious war? No worry because the Pakistani nation knows very well that the Pakistan army is alert all the time. In fact, it is one of the most experienced armies in the world right now. Soldiers who were in the war field are far better than those who are sitting in Barracks and listening Bollywood song or crying over tiktok. Watch: Pakistan’s Army Moving towards Indian Border.

Numbers of Nuclear Weapons both countries have

According to unofficial Data, India poses 90 to 110 nuclear weapons. With long and short range Prithvi and Agni Missile systems.

On other Side,  Pakistan has 120 to 150 nuclear weapons. But numbers are not confirmed because Pakistan uses very strong information security systems regarding his nuclear and Missile programmes. Actual Number of Nuclear Weapons with Pakistan for sure can be more than announced. For the delivery of Nuclear warheads,  Pakistan have, Gouri missiles,  Shaheen Hataf 1 to Hataf 9. Nasr, and Babar Cruise missiles can also carry nuclear war heads. Nasr missile system is much more dangerous than any other because it can carry low yield nuclear war heads and uses maneuverability system which makes it unstoppable by any Anti-missile defence system.

PAKISTAN nuke India
Launching of Nasr missile.

Also watch: Indian Media Anchor get Massive Reply From a Sikh after Speaking Against Pakistan.

With the possession of these lethal nuclear weapons,  people and specially politicians should not even think about ” If Pakistan Nuke India or if India nuke Pakistan “. Because if their will be no people then who will argue with whom?.