Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan

Earlier this month, Prime minister Imran Khan has revealed that he was getting pressure from Friendly countries to recognise Israel. Recently, a WhatsApp Audio sent by an expat living in Dubai reveals Dubai authorities are mistreating Pakistani expats there.

Video: WhatsApp Audio reveals mistreatment by Dubai authorities with Pakistani expats

A Pakistani expat told in the voice message that UAE police lined up Pakistanis on the way from dubai to Abu Dhabi. Police humiliated Pakistanis and snatched their phones in order to prevent them from making videos of tte incident. Meanwhile, one Pakistani asked why they werw stopped. The police replied “ask to Imran khan.

Although, authenticity of the claims, made in purported WhatsApp Audio, was not officially confirmed. But people are raging over the alleged incident and pledging Pakistani government to take action over this incident.




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