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    When will the live event for Season 2 of Fortnite begin?

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    When will the live event for Season 2 of Fortnite begin? Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to an end. The war between the Imagined Order and the Seven is about to come to a head after a rough season. The Zero Point has been the most important thing in this metaverse for a long time, and its fate and the future of the game are both at risk.

    The Seven want to break the loop, set the loopers and Zero Point free, and end the cycle. The Imagined Order wants to keep loopers stuck in the loop so they can keep control of Zero Point and the rest of reality.

    They’re going to meet in a way that will be hard to forget, which is why the live event is called “Collision.” It’s going to completely change the game. Here is when it will be available and what else players need to know.

    When will the live event for Season 2 of Fortnite begin?(image via

    A full guide to the collision event in Chapter 3 of Season 2 of Fortnite.

    There will be a crash on June 4, at 4 p.m. EST. For other time zones, the answer is:

    • 1.30 AM IST
    • 1.00 PM PST
    • 8.00 PM GMT

    The live event will start right at 4:00 PM, so players should be ready a long time before then. Epic Games suggests that you and your team get to a lobby at least 30 minutes before the event starts.

    Most events don’t last long, and this one probably won’t be any different. After about an hour, the party will probably be over, and you’ll have some time to relax, however long that may be. When Chapter 3 Season 3 comes out, which may be delayed, Fortnite will be available again.

    Details about the live event’s plot.

    Not much is known about what really happened. The Seven and the IO will fight, but it’s not clear how that will happen right now. Players in Fortnite will probably have to kill IO guards, just like they had to kill cube monsters during the End event.

    Other than that, there aren’t many details. It’s possible that players will be able to drive the Mecha once it’s been fixed up, but that hasn’t been decided yet either.

    But there are a few important things to remember about the plot. The first time the Imagined Order showed up on the island was in Chapter 2 Season 5. In Chapter 2, Season 7, Doctor Slone who was in charge of them, showed up.

    During the live event for that season, both Slone and The IO betrayed players, showing that they were the bad guys. In Chapter 2, Season 8, the Seven started to show up slowly to try to fight them and the Cube Queen off.

    Slone’s boss, Geno, is a mystery, but he might be revealed at the next live event.

    The End of Season 2 of Fortnite begin? (Image via Fortnite on YouTube)

    The Seven have been around for a long time, and The Visitor first showed up in Chapter 1 Season 4. After that, a few more family members came at different times, but it wasn’t until recently that they were all on the island.

    The IO are in charge of the Doomsday device that they got from Midas and G.H.O.S.T. at the beginning of Chapter 2. Since the end of Chapter 1, the Seven have brought the Mecha back to life and fixed it.

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