Where to find chests in a single match of Fortnite

    Find chests in a single match – Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is almost over, and loopers are doing weekly and daily challenges to unlock their Battle Pass up to tier 200, where they can get a lot of cosmetics.

    Where to find chests in a single match of Fortnite

    The last week, when the Star Wars collaboration returned to the looped island. Players got a lot of XP that helped them level up faster.

    One of the new weekly challenges requires players to look for ten chests in a single match. Dropping on the island and looking for loot is a common thing for gamers to do.

    Even though OG loopers may know of POIs on the current map where chests spawn 100% of the time, casual players find it hard to find a lot of chest loot at their drop spots. Here’s a guide to where they can find the most chests in one match.

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    Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 – Week 8 Quest Guide: Where to look for chests in a single match

    The Week 8 quests for Season 4 of Fortnite went live today, and each task gives players around 25,000 XP when it’s done. One of these challenges is very simple. But it could be problematic for loopers who don’t know where the best places to find loot are on the current island.

    Players must search ten loot chests in a single game to finish the quest. This means that breaking one won’t count; only touching and opening them will. To do this, they only need to land at a named spot where chests will continuously spawn, and the challenge will be done. Here are a few places where chests appear most often:

    • Cloudy Condos Shiny Sound Fort Jones
    • Jam Junction Chrome
    • Lush Lagoon Tilted Towers

    Players can land at a place where they can find keyed vaults with almost five loot chests and two supply drops. This will help them finish the challenge faster.

    Most of the time, players land on Cloudy Condos because there are more chests in the two biomes spread out around the point of interest. Once they have the vault keys, they can go to a levitating vault near the POI, giving them more rare loot and helping them finish the quest faster.

    Several players in the community say that Cloudy Condos is one of the most accessible places to get around. While other POIs also have a higher chance of chests spawning in the area. Cloudy Condos is one of the most accessible places to get around. Even though everyone has their favorite way to get chest loot, this one is better because it will help them finish the quest faster in Fortnite.

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