Who Benefits From Pulwama Terror attack | Analysis


Pulwama Attack is a tragedy for India, but is it for Modi? Here is a short analysis that who will benefit from Pulwama Terror attack when Indian Lok Sabha Elections are just Ahead.

Benefits of Pulwama Terror attack
What you could expect when Anti-Pakistan Modi was losing popularity just near elections. Twitter.

Pulwama Terror Attack 

Recently, a Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED) was smashed into a caravan of Indian military vehicles leaving 44 Indian CPRF soldiers dead and scores harmed.


The objective of the attack was India’s Central Reserve Police Force, which has been sent by the Indian Govt in vast numbers in the debated district of Jammy and Kashmir.

Drivers of Pulwama Terror attack 

According to early details, the indigenous Kashmiri freedom fighters carried this attack. They are seeking for political rights from the Indian State, in particular, the directly to self-assurance as guaranteed under various United Nations goals. According to Indian Media Jaish e Muhammad Took responsibility of the attack.

Indian Reactions on Pulwama Terror attack

The Indian Government, driven by Prime Minister Modi has censured Pakistan for the attack and pledged to look for ‘retribution’, with no examination or proof to help his case. Pakistan’s Foreign Office has rejected Indian cases. Watch Here How Indian Media and Public Threatening Pakistan.

Watch How Indian Media Putting Fire in The Public Against Pakistan soon after the attack.

Indian Elections And Extremist Mentality of Hindus

The attack has occurred when India is going to go to surveys to choose another Government, which is intriguing in light of the fact that such an attack would impact the political discussion in India for quite a long time to come.

Don’t Blame Pakistan For the Attack: Says Farooq ABDULLAH.

What is Political Benefit of Pulwama Terror attack

Given the present circumstance, if Prime Minister Modi doesn’t surrender to the public shock to complete animosity against Pakistan, it is more likely than not going to hurt him at the polling station as he would be viewed as powerless and un-unequivocal, particularly by India’s decision uber patriot class. In any case, if Prime Minister Modi and his BJ Party do escape by patriot intensity and resort to an erred demonstration of animosity against Pakistan, it would affect on their group political interests in the up and coming races, gave the demonstration of hostility doesn’t blowback and make one more wellspring of global shame for the Modi organization.

What To Expect After This

Given the present circumstance, it is practically sure that the Indian Government will do some type of Military animosity against Pakistan – in light of the fact that not doing as such will place them in an incredibly defenseless position amid the up and coming races, given the way that Modi organization has not possessed the capacity to convey on the grand guarantees of welfare, power and national quality it made amid the past decisions.