Joshuadude1 Twitter video – Facebook Post Goes viral, users Rush to Find joshuadude1 on Twitter

  • Twitter account “Joshuadude1” trends following a Facebook meme
  • Facebook meme which shows the calendar of 2022, suggest of a leaked video of an unidentified couple
  • The suggested video has been uploaded on Twitter’s Joshuadude1 page
Twitter user joshuadude1 trends after a Facebook meme creates confusion on social media

Twitter user “Joshuadude1” goes viral following a Facebook meme pointing users to Joshuadude1’s Twitter page and hinting at an NSFW video. In this article, we will explore who is Joshuadude1 on Twitter, which video he has shared and why he is trending on Facebook.

Memes these days are becoming common for making one’s message viral. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are loaded with tons of memes whether they are in the form of video clips or pictures.

People on social media love to watch them, while other use memes to make their content, name, story and message famous. And now, people are promoting their naughty content too by using memes.

On January 6, 2022, a meme emerged on Facebook which tells users that an NSFW video of a couple has been leaked and it is available on Twitter.


The purported meme, which is a calendar of 2022, shows the names of all months in 12 boxes. Meanwhile, The box of January is occupied by a screenshot of an NSFW video.

Facebook users which came along with this meme understood that there is an NSFW video clip that leaked in January 2022. See the meme below.

Facebook meme pointing users to Twitter user Joshuadude1

This meme was originally posted on Facebook by a user “Michelle Demings” and can be viewed here.

The purported meme was then re-shared by another Facebook user “Myia Yates” who added the link of “Joshuadude1 Twitter page” and told her followers to view the video on Twitter.

What is Joshuadude1 Twitter Video

Joshuadude1 is a Twitter user with only 126 followers.

Joshuadude1 Twitter page

He joined Twitter in August 2020. Most of his time on Twitter, he shares funny memes. His display name is Joshua_Dude and Twitter account’s handle is @Joshuadude1.

However, recently, Joshuadude1 shared an NSFW video clip of some random couple. The video clip shows the couple in a car, performing personal act.

The faces of the people, in the video clip, are not visible therefore their identity of them is unknown. The video clip has 32,000 views so far. We are not going to upload the video clip here. However, you can watch the video at the link here.

After looking at the comments on the purported video, we can assume that users were disappointed to see the clip and regret their decision of rushing from Facebook to Twitter because of the curiosity arose by the viral meme.

In the comments of Joshuadude1’s Twitter video, a Twitter user wrote “man FB be lying like a mf this wasn’t worth my time at all 😭 why are they tryna use this as our first 2022 meme no way.”

“So we all really just left Facebook just to see this,” wrote another user.

Twitter’s Joshuadude1 Responds to Critics

Although it seems Joshuadude1 doesn’t care if what people comment on his posts. He issued a statement after receiving the criticism over the video he posted earlier.

In a tweet after the viral video, Joshuadude1 said:

Sorry for the random p*rn yall , i ain’t tryna go back to fb jail lol

He didn’t post anything else on Twitter after this statement.