Who is Lospelaosbro? Lospelaosbro Hacking Everyone’s YouTube Channel Explored

    According to the latest trend on Twitter, lospelaosbro is a Twitter account who’s hacking everyone’s YouTube channel. Who this user is? and what he wants from celebrities? Let’s explore the whole drama.

    Lospelaosbro Hacking YouTube Channels:

    Fans respond to the hacking of their favourite celebrities’ YouTube profiles on Twitter.

     New clips were posted all over the celebs’ Youtube pages on Tuesday, which were later discovered to be hacked.

    The hacker appears to be using the handle @lospelasobro on Twitter, and the hashtag #FreePacoSanz was used almost everywhere. On YouTube, the message “We will not stop until the political prisoner Paco Sanz is released” was written.

    The user has 6920 followers and 5 following. The user Los Pelaos is hacking YouTube accounts and posting screenshots on Twitter timeline.

    Justin Bieber, Drake, Eminem, Travis Scott, Michael Jackson, and a slew of other celebrities were among those targeted by a hacker. However, almost all of the videos were erased less than an hour after they were posted. 

    All content on Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Juice World, Travis Scott, and Kanye West’s Youtube channels has been hacked with a clip named “Lil Nah-Hacked by @LOSPELAOSBRO ON TWITTER”.

    The video was labelled “Michael Jackson-I like ki.ds @LOSPELAOSBRO” on Michael Jackson’s channel, which has 24.7 million subscribers, and “Michael Jackson-I like ki.ds @LOSPELAOSBRO” on Drake’s channel, which has 26 million internet users. “Justin Bieber-Free Paco Sanz (ft. Will Smith, Chris Rock, Skinny Slim & Los Pelaos)” was the title of the video. 

    The videos featured a man playing the guitar and singing a Spanish song while wearing a cap backwards. However, everything is disharmonic, and the clips, which were just over a minute long, end with inappropriate moaning voices.

    Fans are very curios and worried about their favourite celebrities accounts. We will update you after further information arrives.