Who is Osuuuuii Twitter? Osuuuuii Twitter Video – Twin Sisters Playing Viral Video Explored


OSuuuuii Twitter video: Recently on a Twitter handle named @OSuuuuii, there posted two sisters video that contain explicit content which goes viral on all social media platforms. The account contain NSFW content. So let’s explore who this @OSuuuuii is? And what kind of content does she post on her timeline.


Who is @OSuuuuii?

Oh.suuuuii or @OSuuuuii is an account created on November 2021. The account contain NSFW content which she also added in her bio. She also mentioned in her bio to follow her backup account in case if this one is deleted. The account has 9,732 followers and 1 following. 

OSuuuuii Twitter Video:

Every day, one name dominates the news on social media, and a new name has been driving the world. ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER TREND! @OSuuuuii another viral trend on social media is Twitter videos.

@OSuuuuii posted a video in which two sisters can be seen playing and doing creepy things. She pinned that video on her timeline for the people so that they can watch the video. She captioned the video with “The sexysisters” and uses some hashtags like #teen #onlyfanleak #teenfap etc. 


If we talk about the whole account that what kind of content she posted on it so we get to know that the whole account contain explicit contents. 9h before now, she posted a tweet saying: “Lmk what kind of content y’all wanna see more like OF leaks? Homemade leaks? Nudes, latina, ebony, Asian, bbc etc….. I got it all🤙🏾”

People are very curious about the account and the recent video she posted. They wanted to know who are they? Who is she? And also wanted to know their insta, snap etc. They also want @OSuuuuii to post more videos of them. If you want to see the video, we’re not uploading a video on our website because the video content of course explicit content, BUT you can watch the video by simply clicking on this link.


NewPakWeb would like to inform you that the two sisters video has been deleted by the user. Recently she posted three (3) new videos on her handle and pinned one of them with a caption ”so let the whole team hit.” We’re mentioning the link for you people to watch the video easily by just clicking on this link.


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