Who is Tayyeba Gul in Chairman NAB Scandal

During couple of days, a scandal of Chairman NAB became viral on social media. All media and social media is talking about chairman NAB Scandal and making fun of Chairman NAB Javed Akhtar.

Some video and audio clips became viral on social media where Chairman NAB Javed Akhtar in his office talking with a lady Tayyeba Gul. Along the video of Tayyeba Gul there was an audio call also. Apparently call and video looks legitimate. People taking the issue in negative manners. Beside the facts that position of Chairman NAB is very sensitive as revealed in the videos. But some people asking questions about the participants of scandal.

The lady Tayyeba Gul and her husband Farooq Nowl is under discussion. Background of Tayyeba Gul reveals that she is a part of blackmailing Gang and there are 42 criminal cases of fraud and blackmailing against them. The husband Farooq Nowl is already in the Kot Lakhpat Jail and Tayyeba Gul got plea on name of examinations.

Here are the video and Audio recording of Chairman NAB Scandal.

Video of Chairman NAB Scandal
Audio recording of Chairman NAB Javed Akhtar

More investigation is going on but it seems that Lady plsyed well to get weaknesses of Chairman NAB and turn him into their favour. How video was first published shows a larger game. The video was 1st published by a local chanel who’s owner is personal advisor of prime minister. One of those purpose could be build distances between the Government and NAB also. PMLN is trying to make the issue controversial. One of their leader is going to do press conference on this scandal.

Asif Ali Zardari has warned previously that he will not appear for inquiry next time. And these two parties are main beneficiary of NAB/government disaster.

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