Who is Yissra 2200 – Yissra 2200 Reddit leaked video, love Life and TikTok explored

  • “Yissra 2200 Reddit video” trends on social media after an NSFW video clip of a TikToker emerged online
  • Yissra 2200, also known as Yisra 2200, is a TikTok star, Instagram model and influencer
  • Video of Yisra 2200, giving head to her partner, leaked onto Reddit and left her fans in a jeopardizing situation
Yisra 2200 video leaks

Reddit video of Yissra 2200, also known as “Yissra leaked video” is currently trending on social media and people are left being Scandalized by the video. We will explain about Yissra 2200 Reddit video and will tell you who she is.

A video has lately been posted numerous times on Reddit and has reached nearly half million views do far. We are, of course, referring to Yissra Reddit video.

The video shows a lady, allegedly TikTok star Yissra 2200, in an intimate scene with a boy, some suspect him Yissra’s boyfriend Soubhi Ghalayini. The video which was first posted to Reddit, quickly became viral on social media, specifically on Twitter.

The purported video perfectly demonstrates the girl’s face, and some internet users are convinced she is Yissra 2200 from TikTok. There isn’t much material about her on the web, but we’ve gathered as much as we can and presented it here. Just keep reading below

Leaked Video of Yissra 2200

A huge number of individuals are anxiously anticipating her viral video. Yissra’s username has also been trending on Twitter and Reddit, where many individuals have posted the clip she shot with her partner. The lady appears to be having fun with her lover, and he seems to have captured the moment when she gives him a head job.

It was not confirmed whether the boyfriend or Yissra himself leaked the video clip on Reddit. It is quite possible that the video made its way to social media accidentally.


If you want to watch the full video, you have to go to this link and look for the video After second Paragraph, as it is still available. You should be of course, over the age of consent otherwise this video is not for you.

Warning: The Yissra 2200 Reddit video contains explicit content in which a lady and a boy share some sensual experiences.

Just for more informations, Here we share a YouTube video that gives details of the viral video but without any explicit content.


Who is Yissra 2200 – Yissra 2200 Reddit Video

Yissra is going viral on social media and everyone, from her fans, is hunting for Yissra Reddit video. Many of them may not find the video on Reddit but we have found it.

Due to the nature of the video, we can not upload it here. But we can give you Yissra Reddit video link which is here.

Yissra 2200, initially became popular by her now suspended @yissra2200 TikTok account, is a social media influencer, content creator and Instagram model.

She had one million followers on TikTok before her account removed due to violations of TikTok policies

After being removed from TikTok, created new TikTok account which has 503,000 followers and 9.6 million likes as of now. Her TikTok account ID is @Yissra and can be found in this link.

Watch Yissra’s TikTok video below.


She promotes her clothing brand by her TikTok videos. Below is the Screenshot of her TikTok profile.

Screenshot of Yissra 2200 TikTok profile

Yissra has a decent number of followers on Instagram as well. As of now, she has 34.7K followers on Instagram where she promotes makeup products of several brands and her own clothing brand as well. Her Instagram account ID is @yyisraa.

Yisra is currently dating with Soubhi Ghalayini who can be seen in Yissra’s TikTok video, embedded above.