Whole India Cries After Shahid Afridi Called Modi ‘A Coward’

Shahid Afridi visits Azad Kashmir for distribution of food

Pakistani cricket star Shahid Afridi once again pushed Indian people, cricketers and Indian media into tears. According to details, Shahid Afridi was visiting Azad Kashmir a few days early.

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The main purpose of Afridi’s visit in Azad Kashmir was to distribute food in poor people who are suffering during the lockdown of Coronavirus outbreak.

But in Azad Kashmir, Shahid Afridi spoke to locals for a while. See the video below, what Shahid Afridi said in his speech.

Video: Shahid Afridi speaks to the locals in Azad Kashmir

Shahid Afridi during his speech called Narendra Modi “a coward and mental patient”. The words of Shahid Afridi sparked a fire in India and the whole Indian media started screaming over the words of Shahid Afridi.


Condemning the illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and the atrocities by Indian Army against Kashmiri People, Shahid Afridi said: “Narendra Modi is a coward who is deploying 700,000 army troops in a small valley of Indian occupied Kashmir.”


Indian media started crying after the words of Afridi about Narendra Modi and the Indian Army. See the video, below.

Video: Indian media responds after the speech of Shahid Afridi in Azad Kashmir.