On December 3, 2019, Thousands of Twitter users got surprised to see a steep drop in their followers’ list. Many of you wonder that “why are you losing Twitter Followers”. It seems that a “Twitter Purge” has been initiated by Twitter.com and the social media Giant is purging (Removing) inactive Twitter users from its platform. See how people are responding on the recent Twitter Purge (Lossing Their Followers).

This Twitter user has already lost one thousand followers.
He cries to lose his followers on Twitter.

As you can see embedded Tweets above, most Twitter users with hundreds of thousands of followers have already lost more are less than thousands of their followers. In the first instance, they were shocked to see so many followers gone already. But on other hands, Those with less than a few hundred followers are enjoying the situation. As this Twitter user, below.

But this sudden removal of so many followers from Twitter accounts is strange. Because on Tuesday, November 27, 2019, Twitter has announced to reconsider its plans to remove inactive users and the Twitter accounts of those people who are already dead. The company has already apologized for confusion around its plan to remove inactive and dead people’s accounts.

In a Press release on official Twitter Support’s page, the social media giant has announced to not remove InActive Accounts until they create a way for people to memorialize Twitter accounts of their deceased relatives same as Facebook does. Tweet Read: “We’ve heard you on the impact that this would have on the accounts of the deceased. This was a miss on our part. We will not be removing any inactive accounts until we create a new way for people to memorialize accounts”.

Twitter has also annouced to communicate with all of its users in case they initiate inactivity policy and removing accounts of dead users. Tweet Read, below:

Beyond complying with GDPR, we may broaden the enforcement of our inactivity policy in the future to comply with other regulations around the world and to ensure the integrity of the service. We will communicate with all of you if we do.

Statement of Twitter on its inactivity policy

However, the company has not made any announcement regarding initiating it’s inactivity policy and removing inactive accounts ( Twitter Purge) yet. But December 3, 2019, is shocking for most of Twitter users because they are observing the members of their followers going down gradually.

#TwitterPurge is trending on social media and people are responding with different reactions. Some users are grieved, some are making fun of others and even some users are so uncertain that they are trying to run campaigns to gain more followers in case they loses more. See some interesting reactions of Twitter users after lossing their followers, below.

He enjoys the Twitter Purge because he already had ‘Zero’ followers.

Besides Twitter Purge, Twitter makes global privacy changes

Apart from Twitter Purge, Twitter revised its global privacy policy to give its users more control and access to their information, as social media corporations face increased scrutiny over their data handling.

Twitter, wrote in a blog “the changes will go into effect on 1 January 2020”. In a step to increase transparency, more descriptions will be given on how advertisers obtain user’s data.

Accounts based outside the US, European Union or European Economic Area will be overseen by the company’s US operation, rather than its business in the Republic of Ireland, a move it announced would unshackle it from the “relatively new” European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Twitter’s Data Protection Officer Damien Kieran told the media that the company wants the flexibility to experiment with new privacy features without being fined by GDPR.

Less drastic violations could result in a fine of up to €10 million or 2 per cent of global revenue, which goes up to €20 million, or 4 per cent of earnings, for serious violations.
Twitter will also reinform its users that it holds the power to “curate, transform, and translate” content posted on its platform.

Twitter Launched Privacy Centre

Social media Giant (Twitter) also launched a website to regularly update on its data privacy efforts and offer another route for users to access and download their information.

In a separate blog, Kieran and product lead and Periscope co-founder Kayvon Beykpour wrote: “We believe companies should be liable to the people that trust them with their personal information, and responsible not only to protect that data but to clarify how they do it.”

Twitter recently moved to ban political advertising to encounter the “accusations” that “social media platforms are spreading false information which could influence elections”.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of rival Company, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, had stated that Facebook would not block Political advertising because Facebook did not want to stifle political speech.

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