“Why Melania Trump, Wife of U.S. President Donald Trump, wear green and white while arriving in India, Indians found an awkward objection on the dressing of America’s first lady.” According to details, Melania Trump arrived India wearing white dress with a green belt around her waist.

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Apparently, her dress was far from the resemblance to Pakistan’s flag. But Many Indian Citizens found it objectionable and criticized Melania Trump for wearing a dress which resembles a Pakistani flag.

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An Indian Twitter user ‘Ritesh Sharma’ shared the pictures of Donald Trump and Melania Trump when they just landed in India. In the caption, he criticized the colour of the dress of Melania Trump. His tweet reads:

What is point of Wearing Green and White while coming to INDIA..!! Trump Praising Pakistan and her wife wearing Pakistani Flag colors. Are there some hidden Messages for INDIA in this?

Following Ritesh Sharma, several other Indians pointed out the green and white and kept criticizing.

Pakistani people are making fun of Indians’ mentality. Ansar Javed wrote:

The most funny thing which came out of this trip is that some Indians are complaining that the first lady Melenia has insulted India by wearing Green and White, Pakistani flag colors.

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