Why Soriano Briceno Arrested? Soriano Briceno Arrest Charges Allegations And Reason Explained!


Why Did They Arrest Soriano Briceno? Soriano Briceno’s Arrest Allegations, Charges, and the Reason Why! A Press School teacher, Soriana Briceno, has been in the news for some shocking news. When everyone saw this video of her harassing and trying to molest small children, they were all shocked. It was in real time. The full images got out, and it looks like the innocent children weren’t the only ones who were abused. Zeina Alostwani, who works with her, also seems to have something to do with this. Let’s learn more about the case and why she is being charged by reading on. Parents send their kids to school so that they can learn and feel safe.


They can also learn, be creative, and feel more confident. But these things are also done at school by the teachers. Not only are the teachers and other school personnel involved, but the kids are also embarrassed and feel like they did something wrong. Police are still looking into the whole thing. The investigation is still ongoing. But soon, the police will put up all of the information. Soriana Briceno is a 19-year-old teacher from Georgia.

Due to explicit content we are not able to upload a video here. Watch a video by follow the link.

Soriano Briceno was caught on live-streaming video abusing a child.

She has been accused of abuse, which is a big deal for a teacher because many students look up to them. So, let’s talk about the picture and video that only went viral on social media. In it, we can see a small child h*tting and verbally abusing small children. The video also shows the small children being physically hurt.


Soriano Briceno All Charges & Allegations.

By the grace of God, the video was being shown live on a social media site, so the whole thing was seen by the parents. They will be in court on Tuesday, and Zeina’s bond, which was set at $75,000 for both of them, will stay the same. Talking about Soreina, according to the information, no such problem has been set up for her. The school is still reporting, and they told them they need to go to the police for the ongoing investigation. The baby with the hernia can be seen being pushed by Zeina as she enters the room, but the young child is screaming and howling.

Why did they catch Soriano Briceno?

She is now very popular on social media, and she was involved in a case of abuse. This is big news for teachers, who have a lot of students who look up to them. The picture and video that went viral on social media show a teacher hurting a baby. But the video does show the children.

God’s grace helped the parents understand everything that was going on. Zeina is going to be in court on Tuesday. The bond for Zeina was set at $75,000. The information doesn’t say anything about Soreina. The school said there was nothing wrong. They said that they would keep looking into the matter. We can see Zeina pushing the baby into the room with her hernia, but the baby is crying and shouting.

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