Eurovision is world’s biggest music Entertainment show being hosted This Year in Tel Aviv Israel. In the Eurovision Singers from all around the world participated. Finally the winner of Eurovision 2019 was Duncan Laurence from Netherlands with his song “Arcade”.

Winner of Eurovision 2019. Duncan Laurence
Duncan Laurence the winner of Eurovision 2019. Image: Twitter.

The 2nd position holder was Alessandro Mahmood known by his stage name Mahmood from Italy.

Italian singer Mahmood who took 2nd position in Eurovision 2019. Image: Twitter.

The third Position holder in the contest was Russian singer Sergey Lazarev.

Russian Singer Sergey Lazarev stood at third Position in the Eurovision music contest. Image. Twitter.

Here is the List of Final results of Eurovision Israel.

We Should Bycott Eurovision 2019 of Israel, says Lowkey Rapper.

Kareem Dennis, better known by his stage name Lowkey says that we should Bycott Eurovision 2019. He is a British Iraqi rapper and activist based in London, England.

Lowkey said in his interview to RT ” Trump and Netanyahu are racist Murderers. They are walking Monstrosities. Those who stand with them will not be judged kindly by history”.

Lowkey included that Eurovision Normalises Israeli War crimes against innocent Palestinian who are being murdered by Israeli forces since decades.

Here is the complete Interview of Lowkey to Russian Tv.

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