Will there be flying animals in Fortnite Chapter 4?

    The end of Season 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 is finally getting close. Chapter 4 Season 1 starts in about a week, and there is even less time left to play in the current season. The live event is set for December 3, and players eagerly await any information about what might happen next season.

    Will there be flying animals in Fortnite Chapter 4?

    Every time a new chapter comes out, the game is completely changed, and the player base is re-energized. When Chapter 2 came out, it had a whole new map. Chapter 3 brought back parts of the old map and complicated the story’s plot.

    Leaks about the next chapter have been found, and there’s much to look forward to. Players have been thinking about whether or not flying animals will be added to Fortnite in Chapter 4.

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    Fortnite rumors: Chapter 4 will add animals that can fly and be ridden

    There are a lot of rumors about what Chapter 4 Season 1 might bring, and one of the most common is that there will be flying animals you can ride. This was said by HYPEX and several other well-known leakers, which backs up the idea.

    Will there be flying animals in Fortnite Chapter 4?

    At the moment, there are no flying animals in Fortnite. Crows are everywhere on the island, but you can’t ride them. Chickens really can’t fly. Even though you can ride boars and wolves, they can’t fly.

    Adding flying creatures will change how the game is played. Since crows are too small to sit on, it’s also likely that new animals will be brought in.

    Anyone can guess what kind of animals these might be. Because of a few things, dinosaurs seem to make the most sense. First, there have been dinosaurs (called “raptors“) in Fortnite in more than one season.

    Second, they are one of the few real or imagined creatures that can both fly and be ridden. Most animals that can fly today would have a hard time carrying a person.

    Pterodactyls and other dinosaurs that could fly would be big enough and strong enough for a gamer to ride and fly on. There’s also a chance that Fortnite could make its animals.

    Could the flying things from the next Avatar movie, “The Way of Water,” be shown?

    If the next Avatar movie is involved in any way with the next season, it’s hard to see how it wouldn’t be. It comes out on December 15, and the season starts 10 days before that. A crossover could happen early, like Spider-Man for Chapter 3, Season 1.

    Keep in mind that although several leaks have confirmed that flying animals exist, Fortnite has not officially said they are coming.

    There have been a lot of rumors that they will show up, so they likely will. However, this isn’t a fact or a guarantee until Epic Games drops a hint or reveals the same.

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