Wilmington high school bathroom video, a disturbing video which shows a student forced into toilet by several other students, is causing a rift on social media and people are demanding law enforcement and Wilmington high school management to take strict action against those, involved in the bullying of a 16-year-old innocent student.

Screenshot image of Wilmington high school video of altercation between half dozens of students

We will explain what happened in Wilmington high school’s bathroom and where can you watch the viral Wilmington high school video.

According to details, a video emerged on social media, belonging to Wilmer high school, shows several students dragging one student into bathroom, and then forcing his head into toilet commode. The video further shows other students making the video on their cellphones, laughing at him and encouraging bullies into heinous act.

Video: Wilmington high school bathroom incident explained

Wilmington high School video, police investigating ‘disturbing’ physical altercation inside restroom at Wilmington High School

According to reports, Police expect to file criminal charges in connection with a “disturbing” altercation inside a Wilmington High School boys bathroom Tuesday in which students picked up another student and tried to place his head in a toilet, law enforcement and school officials said Friday.

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A view of Wilmington High from a gazebo on the town common pictured here.
A view of Wilmington High from a gazebo on the town common pictured here. JOANNE RATHE

Police Chief Joseph Desmond told NewPakWeb school officials told police Tuesday that cellphone video of the incident had surfaced online.

The video, Desmond said, shows a group of students “picking up another student, bringing him into a stall, and attempting to put his head into a toilet. … It’s pretty disturbing. We obviously want to send a message that that kind of behavior is just not acceptable.”

Police are “pretty confident that we will be charging something at some point, probably next week some time,” said Desmond, adding there were “at least 10 to 15 kids in that bathroom.”

Desmond said police are looking into “all aspects” of the case that could possibly lead to charges such as assault, or for infractions related to hazing or bullying.

Desmond said investigators have no indication “at this point” that racial animus motivated the assailants.

“We will certainly look at that,” Desmond said.

Wilmington is the latest public school district to confront disturbing allegations of student violence and bullying.

In a letter to the school community dated March 30th, Superintendent Glenn Brand said the incident happened on Tuesday and investigators are working to identify the students involved.

The recording sent to NewPakWeb indicates a student was picked up inside the bathroom and had his head forced into a toilet inside a stall in the bathroom. The video below has been blurred due to the ages of those involved. The video is difficult to watch.

“I am truly appalled by the actions of these students which are unacceptable and do not represent the core values of this educational community,” said Supt. Brand. ”It is my expectation that each and every one of our students has the right to attend a school that is safe and supportive. While I recognize that the vast number of our students consistently make appropriate choices to support such an environment, we will have zero tolerance for those that do not.”

“The Wilmington Public School prioritizes, above all else, the safety, well-being and respect of all of our students and staff,” said Supt. Brand.

“It is therefore with tremendous disappointment that I write to inform you of a serious and disturbing physical altercation that occurred in one of the boys’ bathrooms (Tuesday),” said Brand. “Not only is the incident itself concerning, but also that some of our students recorded the altercation and posted this online.”

“All students who are found culpable will be held fully accountable and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken as well as the removal of appropriate privileges that are afforded to those students,” said Supt. Brand. “I assure you that we will pursue relevant legal actions should such be deemed warranted following the investigation.”

The superintendent also alluded to other recent trouble at the school.

“This incident comes in the wake of a number of other concerns recently involving troubling student behavior. Everyone has an obligation to help foster the type of school environments that our students deserve, including our staff, families and most importantly, our students themselves,” said Brand.

A statement posted to the school’s website on Friday by the Wilmington High School Student Class Officers, called the incident “horrific.”

“If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million, yet many of us were left speechless by the thoughtless actions of others that transpired earlier this week in one of our school bathrooms,” according to the statement. “These horrific actions perpetrated by an embarrassing group of individuals do not represent who we are as a student body. We are honor roll students, college bound-career focused seniors, varsity athletes, robotic champions and so much more. Our image should not be clouded by these individuals.”

The school superintendent is scheduling bystander training that will be mandatory for all students. According to police, the case is moving quickly and charges are likely to be filed.

This is a developing story. Check back at newpakweb.com for updates as more information becomes available.

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