Apology dinners trend on Twitter after a woman told in a viral Reddit thread that she is planning an apology dinner for her elder sister

On April 29, 2021, “Apology dinners” trends on Twitter and many users are confused over the exact reason behind the trend. Here is all you need to know about “Apology Dinner” which is recently going viral on social media.


Many people are confused about the concept of an apology dinner after a woman shared in a viral Reddit thread that she was planning one for her sister.


What is an Apology Dinner

According to TODAY Food, an apology dinner is a dinner initiated by one to apologise to a person they feel that they have mistreated, usually a family member or a close friend.

The apology dinner isn’t an everyday occurrence, nor does it happen when there has been a little misunderstanding, but it’s rather “reserved for major disputes, in which parties have stopped talking.”

The dinner doesn’t involve only the people who have fallen out, but it also includes people who can offer support and celebrate the resolution.


Viral Apology dinner story on Reddit

“Am I the A**hole?” or “AITA” is one of Reddit’s most successful groups, used as a “catharsis,” a space to confess your sins and get advice from other members, finally finding out if you’re in the wrong.

A member’s story about having an “Apology Dinner” for his sister went viral on Reddit, before taking over Twitter too. Users, however, are left confused: What is an “apology dinner” and why would someone do that?

According to details, in a viral thread on Reddit’s AITA group, an unidentified woman wrote a long thread explaining why she is planning an apology dinner for her sister. The Reddit thread reads:


AITA for arranging potluck for my sister’s
Apology Dinner?
I remembered about this after reading about another poster’s Apology Dinner. So my mom decided to host an Apology Dinner for my older sister.
As my mom was busy writing her apology and whatnot,
she asked if I would take care of the food and beverages.
I said sure, thinking it was just for my family of 4… But
when my Aunt and Cousins heard, they also wanted to
attend, so I decided to make it a pot luck. (Pot luck is
where all the adult guests bring a dish, and all the dishes are shared.) Of course, I never asked my sister to bring any food because she was the guest of honor. Well, everyone came over and we are all excited to listen to the apology and eat. My sister was among the last to arrive, and she was offended that we were serving pot luck for her special dinner. I explained that I had carefully planned what would be served (sister’s boyfriend is a vegetarian, so we had two meatless options). But my sister yelled at me that the Apology Meal should be prepared (or at least paid for) by the apologizer (my mom) in order to show proper atonement. We went forward with the Apology Dinner, but my sister call me the Asshole for undermining the apology. AITA for arranging potluck for my sister’s Apology Dinner?”

The viral thread of the woman has been removed from Reddit. However, many people have already taken the Screenshot of the Reddit post. Below is the Screenshot of the viral Reddit thread.

Screenshot of the Reddit thread where a woman tells about arranging an apology dinner for her elder sister

Since the Reddit thread went viral on social media, hundreds of similar posts with “Apology dinner” in their captions have emerged on Reddit.


Twitter Reacts to Apology Dinner

Meanwhile, people on Twitter are sharing memes with funny reactions.

A Twitter user shared a meme and wrote: “When more drama starts at the Friday Night Apology Dinner.” “The existence of an Apology Dinner implies the existence of an I F**king Told You So nightcap,” wrote another user.

Another Twitter user shared the Screenshots of various comments over the thread and wrote: “I love drama, I would be a great referee, and I’ll have the apologizer pay me for whatever dish I bring. Please invite me to an apology dinner.”


See more reactions over “apology dinners” below.


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