Words of Imran Khan were Misinterpreted by Journalists

Imran Khan speech
Image: Screengrab from Twitter

Yesterday on January 9, 2020, prime minister Imran Khan was delivering a speech to the youth. During his speech prime minister spoke a sentence ” Sakoon Sirf Qabar Mein Milta hay” (Urdu: سکون صرف قبر میں ملتا ہے). which means “we get calm only after death”. Watch a clip from his speech in the video, below.

Video: prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan teaches the philosophy of life.

He was teaching the philosophy of life. But so-called media journalists misinterpreted his sentence and started sharing half part of his speech to distract the public. Watch, below.

But people of Pakistan are not so dumb nowadays. They responded to these journalists with the facts and slapped their narrative back to their faces. Watch the response of Pakistani people, below.

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