How the Western World Views Pakistan

Alexander is an American Journalist. He keep visiting Pakistan to build his network. During his visits, he tried to clear the spoiled image of Pakistan.

He was interviewing people at the Times Square New York. Where he asked the people about Pakistan. What are their views and will they ever wish to visit Pakistan?

Sadly most of them even don’t know anything about the country. Many know about China and India, but those who know Pakistan. Their answers were disappointing.


The Image of Beautiful Pakistan has been spoiled by western media. Because media always shows a negative image of the country for rating to their people.

I think it’s upto Pakistan to show its good side and its soft iamge to the world. Social media can change that negative image. So try to show the real good image of Pakistan to the rest of the world. (Alexander)

I’ll focus not only on tourism but also I will be showing real people of Pakistan. Their customs, traditions and their lifestyle. I need your help to spread better image of Pakistan. “Alexander”


The Alexander is doing a great job. But the real responsibility is on Pakistani People to represent their country in the world. Everyone of us using social media. But most of us are busy arguing each other. Many of us posting fantasy stuff about the country just to get the attraction. But it can damage the image more than anything.  All we need to do is to show the world, how actually Pakistan is.


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