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    wtfportland Twitter videos go viral – Who is Wtfportland1 on Twitter, Explored

    Wtfportland Twitter videos are currently going viral on social media and TikTok users are talking about the Twitter user “Wtfportland” whose Twitter handle is @wtfportland1.


    We will explain why this Twitter user is trending online ane what kind of videos he js sharing on his Twitter timeline.

    Screenshot image of wtfportland Twitter video

    On July 20, 2022, Twitter user with the name “wtfportland” appeared on Google trending page and a lot of TikTok user began talking about him and about the videos he is sharing on his Twitter page. This left many others wondering what type of content he is posting and they rushed to Twitter in order to find out.

    Upon looking at his timeline, NewPakWeb find out that he is posting hilarious videos of people from Portland. Most of those videos were filmed on the streets of Portland at the time when various people were busy in hilarious activities such as arguing with each other for no reason, making fool of others and some involved in alterations.


    One of wtfportland Twitter videos has received 3.7 million views so far. This video shows a couple arguing over the race difference while walking on the street. The argument between the purported couple continues for minutes. You can watch the video, below.

    Another video, posted by wtfportland, shows a man telling to another man how he fooled the police and insurance company by faking his car’s glass broke. The video shows the man having small pieces of car’s window glass in a cup. The man explains how he scatters those around and inside his car so they look like his car’s window glass broken by some accident. You can watch the video, below.

    Another video by Wtfportland Twitter user shows an altercation between four girls on a busy street. Due to the nature of the video, we are not going to embed it here. However you can watch this video on Twitter by going through this link.

    The mentioned Twitter user has posted dozens of similar videos showing altercation between different people on the streets of Portland.

    Screenshot image of wtfportland Twitter profile

    The “wtfportland” has joined Twitter in December 2021 and he has 19.9K followers as of the creation of this article. However the numbers of his followers are rapidly growing because some of his videos are going viral like a wildfire. His Twitter handle is @wtfportland1 and you can find his Twitter page by going through this link.

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