Xyesuttv Twitter Scooby video – yesu_x Twitter video and Page goes viral on Social Media

Screenshot of a video shared on Yesu_x Twitter page and Xyesuttv Twitter page simultaneously
Image via Yesu_x Twitter page

Xyesuttv and Yesu_x Twitter pages are going viral on TikTok and other social media platforms like Twitch and Facebook. Meanwhile, people are madly hunting for Xyesuttv Twitter video (specifically, xyesuttv scooby video) and Yesu_x Twitter user, many of them want to know about Xyesuttv Twitter page and Yesu_x Twitter videos as both name appeared on Top searches page of Google.


During the past few days, a Twitter user “Yesu_x” went viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons. Dozens of TikTok videos emerged encouraging people to go on Twitter and look at Twitter page with the username “@Yesu_x” and look over the videos shared on the purported Twitter page. Most of TikToks stressed over “xyesuttv scooby video” which actually made this Twitter user viral.

At the same time, many TikTok videos asked people to look at “Xyesuttv Twitter page” also because viral xyesuttv scooby video was initially uploaded on this Twitter account. People, which rushed to Twitter, for the sake of curiosity, had to regret their decision after finding the videos shared on Yesu_x Twitter page and Xyesuttv Twitter page.

However, there are many who don’t want to regret but they still want to know more about Yesu_x Twitter account, Xyesuttv Twitter videos and about the viral xyesuttv scooby doo video.

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So let’s make it simple. Yesu_x and Xyesuttv Twitter pages are being run by a single person who keeps sharing NSFW videos, which are unique in some aspects, on both pages simultaneously. Yesu_× was his main Twitter account which got banned due to Twitter’s policy violations.

However after Getting his Yesu_× Twitter account banned, he made a new Twitter account with the username @Yesu_x and gained 54K followers within few days.

Learning from the previous experience of getting banned on Twitter, the person created another Standby Twitter account with the username “Xyesuttv” which has 22K followers right now. The true identity of the person, running both Twitter pages, is unknown yet because he never used his own picture and never shared his personal informations on Twitter.

Yesu_x Twitter user is now making his presence on Twitch and Discord also and he has recently shared the links of his Twitch account and Discord server. See his tweets, below.

“To join my discord go to my twitch and type in chat !discord,” he wrote in a tweet on his Yesu_x Twitter page.


“All the discords in the comment are not mine.. There is only one link and the link is in my twitch,” he wrote in another tweet on his Xyesuttv Twitter page.


Yesu_x had a presence on TikTok also but his TikTok account has been suspended by TikTok for multiple TikTok Policy violations.

So, Where can you watch Xyesuttv Scooby video, Yesu_x Twitter videos and Xyesuttv Twitter videos?

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Well as we told above that many people had to regret over their decision of watching Yesu_x Twitter videos and we will advise you to stay away Yesu_x Twitter videos and Xyesuttv Twitter videos as they may not suitable for some viewers.

However, if your curiosity is out of your control then it’s all about your consent. You can watch about viral Xyesuttv scooby doo video here. Furthermore, you can watch Xyesuttv Scooby doo video on Discord by following the link given on his profile.

You can watch Yesu_x Twitter videos by going on this link.

You can watch Xyesuttv Twitter videos by going on this link.