You’ll be able to use Google’s display and camera speakers just by looking at them


Google has updated its assistants with screen and camera so that we can use them without having to use the phrase “Ok, Google”.

Google knows that saying “Ok Google” every time we want to use its voice assistant is sometimes very tedious and impractical. That is why it began to allow the use of commands on its mobiles without having to say the activation phrase first. Little by little it is expanding that to more products. At Google I/O 2022, the Google Nest Hub Max, its smart speaker with a screen and camera, has benefited from it.


The Google Nest Hub Max can be used with the gaze

This Is a photo of Google Nest Hub Max
Image Via Social Media

The update of this speaker model, which was introduced three years ago, arrives today and allows you to start a conversation simply by looking at the camera, without having to start each command with “Ok Google”.

The person in charge of Google has explained that so that there are no erroneous activations, 6 artificial intelligence models are used that minimize these situations.

Quick phrases also arrive

Google Nest Hub Max Quick Phrases

Along with this novelty, quick actions will also be available, which allow certain commands to be executed without having to activate the assistant first, ideal for stopping an alarm or a timer.

This is the same thing we saw on the Google Pixel a few weeks ago and now it’s coming to the Nest Hub Max. A pity that it does not also reach other company speakers, because, unlike the previous function, the camera is not needed here.

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