YouTuber “Apollo Legend” reportedly found dead at home after leaving a note in his last YouTube video
  • A YouTuber “Apollo Legend” died after committing a suicide
  • Apollo Legend left a heart-wrenching Note in his last video
  • Apollo Legend’s last video was removed from YouTube but people took the Screenshots of his Last Note
  • In his last video note, Apollo has mentioned few other Youtubers including darkviperau

According to various sources YouTuber Benjamin “Apollo Legend” Smith was found dead at his residence yesterday, on 30th December in the evening when Police searched his residence.

According to Daniel “Keemstar” Keem, prior to taking his life, Apollo had uploaded a suicide video/letter on his Youtube channel where he blamed YouTubers DarkViperAU and EZScape for pushing him over the edge. Watch the Screenshot of Apollo Legend’s last video note/letter, below.

Screenshot of Apollo Legend last video note/letter

Apollo Legend’s last Note Reads: “I tried to hold myself back in the video but I cannot help it. People have no clue what I deal with every day when I was about five years old my dad threw me on the ground and covered my mouth and nose to where I could not breathe and screamed into my face because I wanted to play some game that he was playing and that is how he treated us every day.”

It further says “I have scoliosis which causes my back hips and shoulders to ache constantly. I am sick every day I throw up often my medicine makes me vomit but then if I do not take it I vomit.

My body is completely useless I can’t do anything I am completely out of my mind all my thoughts are so painful and aggravating and because I am mentally I will everything i say online gets used to make me look like a bad person.


I am not a bad person I am under incredible stress try living with this much pain and let’s see the decisions you make. That’s only the stuff I am comfortable talking about there is more that’s even worse.”

Hours after his suicide letter/video was uploaded on Youtube, the police were informed of the incident, after which police visited his residence where he was found dead.

The two YouTubers Apollo named in his video had made videos about Apollo Legend and had accused him of stirring up drama to game the Youtube ads system to gain increased ad revenue. The video that he posted on YouTube prior to his suicide was taken down from the platform for the apparent motive of it infringing the platform’s TOS.

Prior to Youtube taking action, some people were able to view the video wherein the video’s description Apollo “thanks” YouTubers DarkViperAU and EZScape for pushing him over the edge. He also shared a Mediafire link where uploaded his suicide letter/video.

Apollo cited causes such as deteriorating psychological and bodily situation that led him to take such an extreme step. Apparently, he was scheduled to be hospitalized for some medical situation, and as an alternative determined to take this excessive step.


The news of his suicide soon reached Twitter and in various Twitter posts, people started blaming the two YouTubers who made videos about Apollo Legend for the incident. However, Billy Mitchell himself posted on Twitter defending them and said that merely reporting the truth about a matter does not amount to any kind of wrong.

Benjamin “Apollo Legend” Smith was a speedrunning commentator / YouTuber who stopped uploading on Youtube a year ago after he lost a lawsuit against Billy Mitchel.

Apollo had uploaded a video about Billy Mitchel cheating in his famed Donkey Kong speedruns, for which Billy sued him alleging Apollo had used his voice recordings illegally. The lawsuit reached an out of courtroom settlement, after which Apollo was constantly criticized by different YouTubers.

Darkviperau Responds Over Apollo Legend’s death and allegations against him

Darkviperau tells Why he Was Mentioned by Apollo Legend Before Apollo Passed away.


In a video posted on his YouTube channel, Darkviperau said “It didn’t seem to stop people criticizing me for defending myself after someone claimed I killed them, and people agreed I should just release it publicly. If you were impacted positively by Apollo, and are now grieving, I am sorry for your loss. No one deserves a life that leads them to such a terrible end, and I sincerely wish he could have found happiness. If you are in a bad place, know that things can always get better. Stick it out, see what happens. You can’t be happy when you’re dead. Here is a link to his families fundraiser.”

Video: Darkviperau responds after Apollo Legend’s death

It seems that Apollo Legend was inactive on his YouTube channel and social media accounts for a long time. It is one year passed since he last posted a video on his YouTube channel (before his last deleted video).

Last video of Apollo Legend on his YouTube channel

Similarly, he didn’t share anything on his Twitter page during last six months. He made his last tweet on June 26, 2020.



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