Zawwar and Dua Viral Story – Here is Why Zawwar Dua Trending

Zawwar Dua viral story
The image is for demonstration purpose. Zawwar and Dua are not in this image.

Earlier this evening on June 7, 2020, Zawwar and Dua started trending on social media and Zawwar Dua became top trends in Pakistan. Over ten thousands tweets and Facebook posts talking about Zawwar and Dua emerged Within a few hours.

Zawwar and Dua trending on Twitter
Image: Screenshot from Twitter’s trend page.

As many of you might not aware, why these two people trending on social media, we came with all the details of Zawwar Dua viral trend and their complete story.

Earlier this evening on June 7, at 15:06 PST (Pakistan standard time), a Girl on Twitter, name as Dua, tweeted an image ‘Screenshot of her WhatsApp conversation with her friend Zawwar’ and a picture of KFC Burgers.
Zawwar Dua viral video

While sharing the Screenshot of Zawwar’s conversation and the KFC Burger’s photos, she wrote in the caption: “Zawwar 😭😭❤️
You all need a friend like Zawwar in your life ♥️.
” See the Screenshot, below.

WhatsApp chat of Zawwar with Dua

She also shared the image of six KFC burgers and chicken legs from KFC. See the Screenshot, below.

Screenshot of Zawwar Dua conversation
Screenshot of Dua’s tweet

What Dua and Zawwar were talking about on WhatsApp

Screenshot of WhatsApp chat, shared by Dua, shows that they were talking about Hunger and food delivery from FoodPanda (an online food delivery service in Pakistan).

Dua tells to Zawwar that she is feeling hungry while Zawwar suggests her to order from Foodpanda and tells her about a discount deal over Foodpanda. However Dua asks Him to order for her and in a kind way, he agrees. But she didn’t stop here.

With a challenging way, she asks him to order for her brother, sister, mother and father too. But height of the kindness, Zawwar agrees to order for her whole family. And their she goes by sharing their WhatsApp conversation and image of KFC burgers for her whole family, and praising words “You all need a friend like Zawwar in your life.”

Public Responding to Zawwar and Dua

Within few hours, Dua’s Tweet became viral and a debate, trolling and fun started. Many of people argued “since when Foodpanda is delivering KFC?.”

Thousands of funny memes and trolling posts emerged on social media and numbers of funny memes are even rising. See how people are making fun of Zawwar and Dua, in the tweets, below.

A Twitter user shared a funny video clip and wrote in the caption: “This is Zawwar’s interview before he ordered the food for Dua.” The video clips shows a man telling that he enjoys on father’s money. So it means Zawwar is kind with Dua because of his father’s money. See the video,below.

Ubaid Afridi said: “Difference between Zawwar and Janwar.”

Komal Shahid says: “Girls, be your own Zawwar. Spoil yourself and your family on your own. This trend of using innocent friends for food, money or gifts needs to end. Also boys, if spending money impresses someone then you’re with the wrong person.”

Major Arham Says “Retweet if you think Zawwar ka kat gaya.”

Here are more funny memes for Zawwar and Dua. See the tweets, below.


Feeling Sorry for Zawwar.