TikTok Star Ziba Gulley in two cute poses

Ziba Gulley Leaked video went viral? Social media users and fantasy seekers are claiming that TikTok star Ziba Gulley’s (Zeba Gull) private video leaked. Many social media users are sharing an intimate video of a girl and claiming that the girl in this video is TikTok star Ziba Gulley (Also known as Zeba Gull). See the Screenshots, below.

Screenshot of Twitter post claiming to share Zeba Gull leaked video

A Twitter user ‘Isha’, who is famous for sharing leaked video scandals of TikTok stars and actresses, has shared few pictures of Gulley and wrote: tweet reads “I am uploading tonight hit super Tiktoker Zeba gully scandal video #ZebagullyScandal #tiktokleaks #tiktokteens #tiktokexposed.”

Many YouTube channels also made similar claims while posting a video of a girl resembling Ziba Gulley. See the Screenshot, below.

Screenshot of Alleged leaked video of Zeba Gull published on YouTube

Facts of Ziba Gulley Leaked Video

Viral video (alleged as Ziba Gulley leaked video) shows a girl, resembling Ziba Gulley, involved in an intimate act. Although the alleged girl has too much resemblance to TikTok star Zeba Gull, it is confirmed that she was not Ziba Gulley and the claims of ‘Ziba Gulley leaked video scandal‘ are false.

After running a reverse image search against the Screenshots from alleged video, we found the same video published with different titles on several Ad*lt sites (None of them claim it as Zeba Gull leaked video).

Confirmed reports suggest that people alleged Ziba Gulley in this leaked video in order to spoil her image, which is, of course, crime and can land those people into jail.

Watch the original viral video of Ziba Gulley, below.

Ghareeb taba de…❤🇦🇪🇦🇫🇵🇰😂😂

Posted by Ziba Gulley on Friday, January 3, 2020
Video: Ziba Gulley most viral video which received over 18 million views in combine (On Facebook and YouTube)

Ziba Gulley, Also known as Zeba Gull, is an Afghan origin, grown-up in Pakistan, model and TikTok star who has touched the heights of popularity with 4.3 million TikTok followers and 84 million likes on her TikTok videos.

Ziba Gulley TikTok profile

She has 189K followers on her Instagram account also.

Ziba Gulley’s Instagram Account.

Zeba Gull is currently residing in the United Arab Emirates. Besides the making videos for TikTok, Gulley is also working with many advertising agencies and brands in order to promote their products.

Zeba Gull Viral Pictures

See most viral leaked pictures of TikTok star Ziba Gulley, below.

TikTok star Ziba Gulley leaked picture
Image via Social media
Ziba Gulley leaked picture 2
Via Facebook page
Zeba Gull leaked picture
Via Facebook page

Zeba Gull leaked video is not the first scandal of its kind. During past few weeks, several TikTok stars became the victims of similar false leaked video scandals.

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